Embellished Tights Won't Make You Sacrifice Warmth For Style This Winter

While sheer black tights are a must-have for every wardrobe, colorful, embellished tights are adorning fashionable legs with increasing frequency. A cool pair of tights can completely change the look of your outfit by introducing color-blocking or an unexpected pattern that adds originality and uniqueness.

Tights — also known as pantyhose — were originally made after a man named Allen E. Grant created a prototype for his pregnant wife, who was uncomfortable in the excess of undergarments women were expected to wear in the mid-20th century (via Time). As tights hit the market in the '60s, so miniskirts stunned the streets, and set the tone for a new generation of fashion, one defined by freedom. The Mod look of the '60s, in particular, which is often credited to British designer Mary Quant, places an emphasis on vibrant and unique tights.

Celebrities all over the globe have been taking bright tights for a spin for years, including Aubrey Plaza, Rita Ora, and Carly Rae Jepsen. Now, tights even feature embellishments such as rhinestones, rosettes, and pearls. And on-trend aesthetics such as coquette and ballet core include tights as an essential item in their repertoires.  So if you're looking to refresh your tights collection, here is some inspiration.

Lace tights

A classic and wearable pattern, lace is the perfect foray into fancying up your drawer of tights. A typically elegant and feminine style, lace is a pattern that can be easily mixed and matched with additional prints, like Instagram user @chloefelopolus layers her lace tights with plaid. She showcases her righteous collection of patterned and embellished tights in a styling video on her YouTube channel. 

We also love how she combines elements of high and low; where lace is often read as a more formal fabric, sneakers and white socks add a playful, casual contrast. Lace tights come in every color under the sun, so you will be sure to find a pair that sings to you. 

Rhinestone tights

Should you be searching for an extra sparkle in your tights, this pair of black, fishnet, rhinestone tights from H&M are sure to fit the bill. These tights would be perfect for any party or night out with friends, but they can also be worn to add a little extra polish to an otherwise casual outfit. 

TikTok user @lararunarsson styles in her TikTok a pair of black rhinestone tights with a black sweater, black skirt, and tall boots. She also pairs a nude pair with an oat-colored sweater dress, bomber jacket, and snow shoes to create cute, cold-weather outfits.

Rosettes and rhinestones

Rosettes are trending, so what better way to get in on the action than with a pair of rosette-adorned tights? Feminine to the maximum, these black fishnet tights with red sequin rosettes and rhinestones from Free People would also make a super cute Valentine's Day gift. We recommend styling these tights with a simple, oversized t-shirt or t-shirt dress to show them off, then throwing a floor-length coat on top for a winter weather twist. Then, dress up with a pair of platform heels, or dress down with a pair of lug-sole boots. 

Pearl tights

Another cool element of tights is that they are so easily transformed into a custom garment, just for you. We take major inspiration from this DIY version by Tik Tok user @cherienesss. She begins with a pair of white, sheer, thigh-high tights, then cuts uniform slits down the shins. With a little ribbon, she ties the openings together, creating a bow-like effect. Using a hot glue gun, she sticks little pearls onto the tights for the perfect finishing touch and pairs them with patent leather platform heels. Sweet and chic. 

Funky patterns

Paying homage to the Mod look of the '60s, you can never go wrong with a fun pair of funky tights. This white and green diamond pair from brand @peach__eyes, and modeled by @afashionnerd — whose fits are the epitome of modern mod fashion — are definitely playful, but simple enough to be super versatile. We love maxing out on the mixing of patterns and colors, and a pair of funky tights would be perfect for a fashionista looking to push her outfits to the limit. 

Bright colored tights

Of course, simply changing up the shade of your tights can go a long way when it comes to adding new life to your closet or breaking up the monotony of neutrals that are so ubiquitous in the colder months. While the monochrome fashion trend continues to have its moment, take advantage by adding a pair of colorful tights to your favorite monochromatic outfit. We love this all-blue ensemble by @imsarahstepanek, which features a teal patterned dress, electric blue tights from We Love Colors. and blue floral-heeled boots.