Days Of Our Lives Classic Romance: Abe And Lexie

"Days of Our Lives" fans have seen so many epic romances throughout the soap opera's run. They've also seen heartbreaking deaths. The relationship between Abe Carver (James Reynolds) and Lexie Brooks Carver (Renee Jones) had both of those things. Abe and Lexie were one of Salem's most popular and beloved couples for many years. Abe first came to Salem in 1981 (via Soap Central). He was assigned to investigate Anna DiMera's claim of being trafficked. He also had a fling with his co-worker Nikki Wade. Eventually, Lexie Brooks entered the picture. The character was introduced in 1987, but Renee Jones didn't step into the role until 1993, per Soaps in Depth.


When Lexie first came to town, she was hired as a police officer at the Salem PD. Of course, she and Abe were partnered together and sparks began to fly. The pair worked together and even began dating. They fell head over heels for one another and decided to get married in 1991. However, Lexie opted to take the law into her own hands when she decided to help Abe's brother, Jonah Carver, in his vigilante efforts to clean up the streets of Salem.

From that moment on, drama followed Abe and Lexie in their relationship.

Lexie almost had an affair with Abe's brother, Jonah

Although "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Abe and Lexie fall madly in love, their relationship wasn't perfect. After Lexie began to spend time with her brother-in-law, Jonah Carver, things got complicated. Lexie and Jonah were working on their own to try to reduce crime in Salem. By taking matters into their own hands and becoming vigilantes, they not only jeopardized their careers but also their respective relationships with Abe (via Soaps in Depth). As Lexie and Jonah grew closer, Lexie began to have feelings for Abe's brother. At the time, Jonah was a medical student and spent his night patrolling the streets. However, when the duo got caught, Jonah was kicked out of school and Lexie was fired from her job as a police officer.


Jonah eventually got a job as a lab tech and continued his close relationship with Lexie. The two tried hard to fight their feelings for each other, and almost shared a kiss after becoming trapped in a garage together. However, Abe rescued them before they crossed the line, per Soaps. The pair then decided to back away from each other. In 1996, Jonah returned to medical school and left Salem.

A baby swap left Abe and Lexie heartbroken

As Abe and Lexie moved on with their lives together, Abe made it his mission to make Salem a safer place. This included taking down the town's most notorious villain, Stefano DiMera. Eventually, Lexie found out that she had been adopted and wanted information about her birth parents. So, she turned to her aunt, Celeste Perrault. Lexie then discovered that Celeste was actually her mother and that her biological father was none other than Stefano DiMera (via Soaps in Depth). Celeste told Lexie that she had given her up for adoption so that she would be safe from Stefano's evil deeds.


Lexie was forced to come to terms with her true parentage. During this time, she forged a bond with Stefano. However, she was going through an emotional crisis when she and Abe were having trouble conceiving a child. Eventually, the pair decided to adopt, and Stefano found a pregnant woman willing to give them her child. Little did Abe and Lexie know that Stefano had schemed to switch their adopted son, Isaac, with that of Bo and Hope's son, JT. For the first year of their lives, the boys were raised in the wrong households. When the truth finally came to light, Lexie was forced to give Isaac over to Bo and Hope. Meanwhile, JT's biological father regained custody of him, leaving Abe and Lexie without a child (via Soaps).


Abe and Lexie later welcomed their son Theo

Lexie was absolutely devastated when she lost Isaac to Bo and Hope, and it put a huge strain on her marriage to Abe. "Days of Our Lives" viewers then watched as Lexie turned to Brandon Walker for comfort. The two had a one-night stand, and soon after Lexie discovered that she was pregnant. Lexie was unsure who her unborn baby's father was (via Soaps in Depth). To make matters worse, Brandon was revealed to be Abe's biological son. Eventually, the paternity mess was sorted out and Abe was proven to be the father of Lexie's child. Brandon was happy to have a younger brother, and Abe and Lexie were thrilled to welcome their son, Theo, per Soaps.


However, Lexie and Abe's family bliss didn't last long. In 2003, Abe became the first victim of the Salem Stalker. Abe was presumed dead when he was shot on the day of Theo's christening (via Soap Central). The Salem Stalker went on to kill many other beloved Salemites like Roman Brady, Alice Horton, Maggie Horton, Caroline Brady, Victor Kiriakis, and more. However, it was all a setup, and the victims were kept on a remote island by the DiMeras. Eventually, they all returned to Salem to reunite with their loved ones.

Abe and Lexie both came back from the dead

"Days of Our Lives" viewers were stunned by Abe Carver's presumed death. However, shortly after Abe's alleged passing, Lexie grew close to police officer Tek Kramer. The two definitely had sparks between them, but Abe returned before they could engage in a relationship. Lexie was thrilled to have her husband back in Salem alive. However, Abe soon began having health problems and his vision was greatly impaired, per Soaps in Depth. Abe eventually went completely blind, and the stress of it all took a toll on the couple's marriage. During a moment of weakness, Lexie looked to Tek for comfort and the two ended up in bed together.


Lexie felt terrible about betraying Abe and did her best to try to put the pieces of her marriage back together. Of course, drama wasn't far behind. When Lexie and Tek were witnesses to EJ shooting John Black, they were forced to fake their own deaths in order to protect their lives (via Soap Central). Lexie was kidnapped by her brother Andre and kept in the tunnels underneath the DiMera mansion. She was later found alive and reunited with Abe yet again. 

Sadly, things didn't get better for the couple as their love story came to a heartbreaking end.

Lexie died of cancer in 2012

After getting their lives back on track, Abe and Lexie began to have problems with their son, Theo. "Days of Our Lives" fans watched as the little boy was ultimately diagnosed with Autism. Lexie quit her job in hopes of spending extra time with Theo. She also helped her husband, Abe Carver, when he decided to run for mayor in 2008 (via Soaps in Depth). Meanwhile, Lexie learned that she had another sibling that wasn't a DiMera. Her brother, Cameron Davis, came to Salem and the two were thrilled to meet each other. Sadly, they didn't have much time to bond as Lexie fell very ill.


Lexie was later diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor that was thought to be caused by the fumes she inhaled while being held prisoner in the DiMera tunnels, per Soap Central. Lexie chose to forgo any treatment and spend her final days sharing sweet moments with Abe, Theo, and the rest of her friends and family members. She later died in Abe's arms (via Soap Hub). In 2021, Lexie made another appearance when Abe's heart stopped during surgery. The two were happy to see each other again on the other side. However, Lexie told her husband that it wasn't his time and insisted he go back to his loved ones, per Soap Opera Spy.

Abe and Lexie have one of the greatest love stories in "Days of Our Lives" history, and fans aren't soon to forget their epic romance.