Whatever Happened To Jules Robinson From Married At First Sight?

"Married at First Sight" is one of the most popular and unique reality shows. The show, which airs on Lifetime, features singles who sign up for experts to match them with the perfect partner based on their personalities (via IMDb). Sounds great, right? Except there is a catch. They must agree to legally marry on "Married at First Sight" the person they are set up with on their first meeting.

While experts look to set up marriages to be forever commitments based on personal needs and wishes, the show has not been as successful as some may assume. According to Distractify, there have been more "divorces than successful marriages." Although most of the show's cast members are in it for true love, it doesn't always work out. However, "Married at First Sight" is a popular show despite its failures. The series has even launched internationally with "Married at First Sight Australia," where Jules Robinson quickly became a fan-favorite. So, where is she now?

Her 'Married at First Sight' vows are still going strong

Jules Robinson was introduced to "Married at First Sight Australia" fans during the show's sixth season (via 9Now Australia). Viewers of the show could sense that she fell in true love with the man the experts matched her with, Cameron Merchant, early on. Their romance blossomed on screen.

Fans could tell that Robinson and Merchant were a power couple since they had the least amount of drama during Season 6. They shared an obvious connection and both appeared to be in the relationship for all the right reasons. While other couples were cheating and fighting, Robinson and Merchant were the first to say they loved each other.

As reported by Heart UK, it appears Robinson and Merchant are still going strong. Several years since the cameras left and Robinson and Merchant began facing real life as a married couple it appears they are still happily married with a few big and happy changes in their lives.

The couple are now parents

It was no surprise that Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant chose to stay married at the end of "Married at First Sight Australia" Season 6 (per 9Now Australia). Since their time on the show, they have had some big life changes.

The pair welcomed their first child, a son named Ollie, three years after their time on the show (via Stellar). Robinson has also made it clear that she is hoping to expand her family more — and sooner rather than later. "For some time now, we've been manifesting a little girl, whom we named together all the way back in the final week of the 'Married At First Sight' experiment," she shared. She shared that she hoped to get pregnant in 2022, but has struggled to conceive this time around.

Children are not the only thing the couple is working on expanding. They recently purchased a pricey vacation home on Australia's Gold Coast (via the Daily Mail). Robinson and Marchant appear to be thriving since their stint on "Married at First Sight."