Fans Tell The List Their Least Favorite Firefly Lane Character - Exclusive Survey

When Netflix announced it would be adapting the popular novel "Firefly Lane" by best-selling author Kristin Hannah (start with this book if you've never read any of her work), fans were beyond excited. The story centers around the characters Tully and Kate, who meet when they are teenagers, and follows the ups and downs of their friendship through three decades. 

Season one of the series premiered in February 2021, and debuted at number one in the Nielsen ratings, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with viewers watching 1.31 billion minutes of the show. In comparison, "Bridgerton" only had 659 million minutes during the same time period. Season 2 of "Firefly Lane was split into two parts, with part one released in December 2022, and part two in June 2023. 

In addition to Tully and Kate, the cast of characters includes lovers, husbands, mothers, brothers, and children — as life usually does. Author Hannah herself shared with Netflix Tudum, "A large part of this season is not from the book — it's other characters, other storylines, other things going on." And, as fans of the show shared with The List in an exclusive survey, you definitely have opinions on those characters.

Your least favorite Firefly Lane character is Johnny

Although he's pretty to look at, even his Australian accent can't save Johnny Ryan from being your least favorite character in the Netflix series "Firefly Lane." In an exclusive survey, 558 fans of the show shared with The List who they liked and who they didn't. Nearly a quarter — 23.3% — picked Johnny as the one they love to hate. He once slept with Tully, then went on to marry Kate. Of course, nothing has been smooth sailing in that relationship and, as one fan posted on Twitter, "I don't like the emotional rollercoaster Kate and Johnny on #FireflyLane are putting me through."

As for Ben Lawson, the actor who plays Johnny Ryan, he believes Johnny has some good in him. "I think at the end of the day, he's really got Kate's back, but I think that Johnny's maybe a little bit readier to forgive than Kate," he told StyleCaster.

And, then, of course, there's his hair, which could almost be its own character. "I personally like the '90s hair the best. I always wanted that haircut growing up," the actor told Just Jared. He revealed that he used Michael J. Fox and Hugh Grant as his mane inspiration, and the show's hairstylist agreed. "She made a very uncool teenager's dream come true."

Who do you like better, Tully or Kate?

"Firefly Lane" BFFs Tully and Kate have contrasting personalities — Tully is bold and spirited, while Kate is more subtle and timid — and fans have a favorite. In The List's exclusive survey, Kate takes the title for the less favored friend, although it was close. Of those surveyed, 15.23% said Tully was their least favorite character on the show, while 17.38% named Kate. 

After the first part of Season 2 aired on Netflix, there was a swing toward thinking Tully was the better friend in "Firefly Lane." One fan wrote on Twitter, "If anyone is watching #FireflyLane on Netflix just know Kate is mostly the problem and not Tully." Another summed it up by saying, "Kate is 100% the problem. Past and present. Blames Tully for her insecurities. Drops her every five seconds. I wish Tully could have had a more supportive, mature friend growing up, honestly, with all that trauma."

Author Kristin Hannah, though, believes the duo has an enduring friendship. "It takes work, it takes magic, it takes luck to find the person that is there with you through thick and thin your whole life, whether it's a best friend or a husband or a sibling," she told Netflix Tudum. "The idea that these two women, who apparently have nothing on the surface in common, continue to make this friendship a priority in their lives — I think that's the magic sauce of 'Firefly Lane.'"