The Low-Effort Sliced Bob Is A Refreshing Take On The Short Haircut Trend

If you've been itching to give your hair the big chop, let this be your sign to book an appointment with your hairstylist and make a very special request. According to Allure, the short and choppy hair trends of decades past that have been making comebacks as of late are going to get even more popular over the course of the next year. From the trendy wolf cut to the newest take on the shag hairstyle trend, chopped hair has been all-the-rage among celebs and fashionistas everywhere. 


Yet another fresh and flirty haircut has arrived on the scene, and this one is giving us a brand new way to sport our hair short. Plenty of trendy stars are hopping on the brand new bob bandwagon. Per The Zoe Report, it-girls like Hunter Schafer, Addison Rae, Laura Harrier, Kourtney Kardashian, and many more have debuted this fresh take on the classic bob. The new haircut in question is called the sliced bob, and if you haven't heard of it yet, you're sure to see many more examples of this cut in the months to come.

What makes the sliced bob different?

The bob is one of the most classic short haircuts. According to Bustle, the sliced bob is basically a lighter version of a classic bob that has more volume and texture. Hairstylist to the stars, Tina Outen, spoke to The Zoe Report about the look. "A sliced bob is literally that, cut by slicing through the ends of the hair with your scissors, creating shape rather than layers, keeping the overall outline blunt," Outen explained. "When the ends of your hair are tapered by slicing the scissors through them, they easily disappear into each other when blow-drying; meaning, you do not have to struggle to get the ends to look good. They will fall into shape quickly and effortlessly."


A trendy cut that basically shapes itself when you're styling? Now that's a hair dream come true. Plus, this cut works on all different hair types, so whether your hair is fine or thick, curly or straight, you'll likely be able to pull off this simple and chic look. Just make sure that your hairstylist knows what you're looking for when you go for your cut. According to Outen, "It's important to find out if this technique is how they like to cut hair, as it's very different than the traditional use of scissors ... I would have pictures that show the look [you] want to achieve so the communication is clear, and discuss if [your] hair type and styling routine is right for the technique."