The Young And The Restless Famous Feuds: Katherine And Jill

Jill and Katherine's feud on "The Young and the Restless" is one of the longest-running in soap opera history. Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), the owner of Chancellor Industries, was a mighty businesswoman. However, having all the money and power that came with her success didn't help her cope with the fact that she was having marital issues and dealing with alcoholism. She started to get friendly with Jill Foster (then Brenda Dickson), who worked at a salon and was a good listener. Katherine came to appreciate Jill's company and hired her as her assistant. Jill tried helping Katherine because her drinking and smoking habits were driving away her husband, Phillip Chancellor II (Donelly Rhodes), per Soap Central. However, Jill's being in close proximity to Phillip was not good for her and Katherine's friendship. Jill started to develop feelings for Phillip, and the two had an affair.

A suspicious Katherine tried to match Jill up with her son Brock Reynolds (Beau Kayser) in an effort to keep the woman away from Phillip. Brock and Jill worked together to help Katherine when she was going through withdrawal and were there for her while she navigated Alcoholics Anonymous' 12-step program. Despite her feelings for Phillip, Jill ended up marrying Brock. However, before the couple could get very far, Jill discovered that she was pregnant with Phillip's child (via Soaps).

The unexpected pregnancy was the beginning of the decades-long feud between Katherine and Jill.

Katherine and Jill's feud begins

According to Soaps, Phillip Chancellor II went to the Dominican Republic to get a speedy divorce from his wife so he could marry Jill. When she picked him up from the airport, Katherine Chancellor tried to convince him not to marry her. However, Phillip refused to listen to her, causing Katherine to lose control of the car and drive off a cliff. Phillip was mortally wounded, and Jill married him on his deathbed. Their baby was eventually born, and Jill named him Phillip Chancellor III. Katherine could not forgive this decision and offered Jill $1M for the child, but she refused. Jill then sued Katherine for Phillip's money but failed because her marriage wasn't legitimate because Katherine was drunk when she signed the divorce papers, per Soap Central.

Jill would eventually fall in love with a cosmetologist named Derek Thurston (Joe Ladue), and the couple wanted to get married and open a salon. However, an embittered Katherine swore to make Jill pay for what happened to Phillip, so she got a drunken Derek to marry her. She promised him she'd fund his salon if he stayed married to her for a year. Later, when Katherine was presumed dead, Derek finally married Jill and expected to inherit Chancellor Industries. To everyone's surprise, Katherine turned up alive, taking back her company, money, and husband (per Soap Hub). 

Rather than waiting to see if Derek would come back to her, Jill moved on to John Abbott (Jerry Douglas).

It was a long road to peace between Katherine and Jill

On "The Young and the Restless," Katherine Chancellor discovered Jill Abbott was cheating on her husband, John Abbott. Katherine obtained photos of the illicit tryst between Jill and John's son, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), and had them made into a puzzle she sent to John. After assembling it and seeing the picture, he had a stroke from the shock and ended up divorcing Jill, per Soap Opera News.

According to Soap Central, Jill and Katherine would then go on to fight for Phillip Chancellor III, with Katherine getting temporary custody. Jill then hired a homeless man, Brian Romalotti (Quinn Redeker), to seduce Katherine using the pseudonym Rex Sterling. When Katherine was replaced with an imposter, Jill took advantage and married Rex. The real Katherine eventually returned and put the kibosh on their relationship because she was still married to Rex.

Although the two women called a truce a few times over the years, their last major fight was over the Chancellor Estate. Jill found evidence that Phillip left it to her. Katherine moved out because of the fighting, which drove her to drink after 20 years of sobriety. Jill felt bad, and the two women eventually patched things up (via Soaps in Depth). Katherine made Jill CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, and peace reigned.

Although Katherine Chancellor was killed off when Jeanne Cooper died, the legacy of her feud with Jill will live on.