Britt's Heartbreaking Death On General Hospital Leaves Fans Stunned And Saddened

The turbulent life of Dr. Britt Westbourne on "General Hospital" has created many engrossing storylines for her portrayer, Kelly Thiebaud. According to Soap Central, although plotting and scheming at first, Britt has had quite the evolution. While not exactly a pillar of the Port Charles community, Britt definitely turned her life around. She managed to make one friend in Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) and even helped mafia hitman Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) attempt to take down drug lord Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober).

Per Soaps in Depth, Britt had Huntington's disease — Thiebaud helped raise funds for the deadly disease in honor of her character — and the affliction started worsening. She decided to throw herself a birthday party on a ship called the Haunted Star, so she could say goodbye to all her friends and co-workers. Her plan was to quietly leave town when no one was looking. However, Britt changed her mind at the last minute, but before returning, she witnessed Josslyn Jacks being attacked by the notorious Hook killer on the docks. Britt intervened, telling Josslyn to run. The melee got worse as the Hook pinned Britt to the wall, and it looked like the end until mobster Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) shot at the killer, driving the assailant off (via Michael Fairman TV). After talking to the police, a weary Britt returned to the Haunted Star where she began to falter. 

Britt had a scratch on her chest from the poison-laced hook and realized it was too late to seek help.

Britt's last moments devastated fans

Sadly, as Soaps reported, fan-favorite Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) died in the arms of her mother, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) from the poisoned hook on "General Hospital," tugging on the fans' heartstrings. On Twitter, the show posted an image of her final moments, writing, "Britt managed to return to the Haunted Star following the Hook's attack. Can Liesl save her daughter before it's too late?"  Fans everywhere were saddened, with one replying, "The scenes today were so heartbreaking to see Liesl @gatitweets and Britt @kellythiebaud together saying goodbye. I cried for them both." 

Another distraught viewer responded, "You all pushed us off the cliff on this one!! I was hoping that Brit had come to her senses and decided to stay!! But, NOOO, GH had me in tears!" Fans unanimously praised Thiebaud and Gati's acting, as shown in the reply, "These two! Heartbroken already. @kellythiebaud & @gatitweets you are both amazing." A sanguine fan posted, "Great acting, but holding out for a not dead down the road." Honoring Britt's heroics before her final moments, one viewer wrote, "Britt's death scene was so moving and profound. I feel this ending honored her strength of character by having her die on her terms both with the party and being with her mother. She even had one last chance to play the hero and save a life."

One reply was an ominous portent, saying, "The question now is, will old Liesl come back."