Fans Speak Up About Their Least Favorite Member From Welcome To Plathville - Exclusive Survey

"Welcome to Plathville" is one of TLC's most popular reality shows. The show follows the Plath family, a strictly religious bunch that is falling apart at the seams (via Distractify). This is due to a rift between the more traditional members of the family, like the matriarch and patriarch, Kim and Barry Plath, and their older kids, who have chosen to step away from their conservative beliefs.

The couple shares nine children, but the central drama is between Ethan Plath and his wife, Olivia, who has been ostracized by the family (via Us Weekly). The rift is so intense that some of the younger children still living under Kim and Barry's roof rarely see their own siblings.

However, things got even more heated when Barry and Kim announced their divorce, and Kim Plath was arrested for a DUI as well as property damage in Crawfordville, Florida (per People). With all the drama between the Plath family, we asked our readers their least favorite family member, and the answer was somewhat surprising.

The List readers didn't hold back with their opinions

The List readers were asked the question, "Who is your least favorite cast member from 'Welcome to Plathville,'" and the answer was a bit surprising. Fans were asked to vote between Kim, Barry, Ethan, Moriah, and Olivia Plath, and Ethan Plath was crowned the least favorite with 23.84% of the vote. Out of the 558 people surveyed, 133 voters shared their distaste for Ethan. His wife, Olivia Plath, ranked next with the second highest votes and 22.76%.

Some may have expected Kim Plath to come out on top for this survey, but according to our readers, she is the third least favorite member of the family, with a total of 114 votes. Moriah Plath, the Plath's most rebellious daughter, was next in line with 96 votes. Finally, coming in last was Barry Plath, who typically stays out of the spotlight, with 88 votes.

The fans of "Welcome to Plathville" did not hold back their feelings on this survey.

Why are fans so upset with Ethan and Olivia?

When it comes to controversial members of the Plath family, Ethan Plath was not always the most disliked. Ethan's inability to handle his family's drama to help his wife, Olivia Plath, seemed to be part of the reason why fans flipped on him (via Screen Rant).

There are more issues surrounding Ethan. He's made some controversial claims on the show, shouting that men are just not as in tune with their emotions as women, leaving many thinking he may be a misogynist. As for Olivia, fans have turned on her as well. They've found that she is selfish, with some viewers thinking that she is controlling and keeping the rift between her husband and his parents going (via DotComStories).

While the most obvious choice for controversial and disliked Plath members may have appeared to be Kim Plath, who is currently caught in a slew of scandals, our readers dislike Ethan and Olivia even more.