8 Ways To Try The Detachable Collar Trend

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Want a playful new way to dress up your outfits? Look no further than the detachable collar. This accessory is unlike anything else on the market and comes in a range of aesthetics, shapes, and designs for every style sensibility. 

Detachable collars are not a new phenomenon. In fact, the garment has an origin story that dates back to the late 1820s. One inventive woman named Hannah Montague was said to cut off the collars of her spouse's shirts to wash them, then sew them back on, presumably to minimize her wash load or give the collar some extra TLC. A local businessman caught wind of her practice and began to sell detachable collars that would be held together by studs instead of being stitched on.

However, despite the trend's long history, detachable collars might still be new to many consumers. They're most popularly associated with certain religious garb, such as the clerical collar, or even with certain entertainment uniforms, such as the Playboy bunny suit. However, the collars received a modern revision in 2020 when designers showcased their styles on the runway (via Vogue). 

So, how do you wear a detachable collar? In a sense, detachable collars function similarly to necklaces, as they are worn around your neck and add some flare to your outfit. But they can also be paired over sweaters, jumpsuits, or alone with a strapless dress. We've found you some inspiration to tie into the trend.

The eyelet collar

Perhaps you want to achieve the ultimate cottagecore aesthetic and have stocked your closet full of sundresses, cotton button-down shirts, and vintage sweaters. However, you're still lost on how to accessorize. A detachable eyelet collar would fit right into this look and can be worn over each of the aforementioned clothing items to create a sense of layering without overloading you with fabric. Eyelets, sometimes also called broderie Anglaise, are small, patterned cutouts in an often lightweight fabric that can be used to detail clothes, per Threads Magazine, sometimes in tandem with embroidery. This detachable eyelet collar in bright green from Ganni is a gorgeous contribution to the trend. You can also find embroidered collars on Etsy.

The lace collar

For those who are fans of Victorian-era style clothing, a lace, detachable collar can be added to any outfit to achieve that Victorian effect, without sacrificing a modern feel. Instagram user @gracefforde wears a lace collar over a frilly black tank and leopard print skirt for a Victorian look with a modern attitude, layering the collar over a tiered necklace. Wear a detachable lace collar over a dress or under a plain button-down shirt for some extra interest. You can find lace collars at many different price points, from affordable styles on Amazon to vintage, handmade, and crocheted styles on Etsy, like this one from Fado Reclaimed.

The ruffle collar

Ruffles and collars were made to go together. Feminine and flirtatious, ruffles add delicate decadence to any ensemble. The ruffle collars from Etsy shop Mokush Art are two examples of different ways to wear this accessory. The first is made of a delicate fabric, either tulle or chiffon, folded in a pattern and adorned with polka dots. Then, it's tied with a black ribbon. Entailing a more formal look, we would love this collar with a little black dress. The second is a houndstooth-patterned collar trimmed in a red chiffon frill. Reading slightly more casual, this collar would look gorgeous over a soft sweater or under a collared shirt paired with jeans. 

The beaded collar

This beaded number strikes the perfect balance between a necklace and a collar. A true statement piece, we love the shininess of the circular beads contrasted with its sharp edges. Dressed up with a mini-dress or dressed down with a graphic T-shirt, this beaded collar adds a twist to every outfit. Statement necklaces are a piece that can define your style. When it comes to wearing statement pieces, the rule of thumb is not to overdo it. Therefore, keep your outfit and the rest of your accessories simple. 

The sailor collar

Ready to achieve the maritime aesthetic of your dreams? Look no further than the sailor collar. Characterized by pointed ends and a longer back piece, the sailor collar is chic, playful, and simple enough to go with any outfit. These collars from Etsy shop Mustard Monday are almost too cute for words. Made from 100% cotton, the black version emphasizes the construction of the piece, while the bubblegum pink version lined in red makes a modern, feminine statement. Wear these collars with a V-neck sweater and jeans to compliment the shape of each garment. 

The peter pan collar

Peter Pan collars are collars with "soft, curved corners," according to the Business of Fashion. Detachable collars on the market often fit into this category, where some curves are more round than others. TikTok user @justpeachhhyyy styles a Peter Pan-collared shirt in four different ways, though you could just as easily tie a detachable collar around your favorite blouse or shirt. It's styled with a tiered maxi dress, a pair of beige overalls, a pair of jeans, and a pair of bright orange cutoffs. While their styles are wonderful for everyday wear, the Peter Pan collar takes them a step up. 

The sweater collar

A cross between a snood, collar, and vest, another hybrid garment that should be on your radar when it comes to detachable collars is the sweater dickey. Dickeys are somewhat of a decorative clothing garment rather than a functional one, per an expert speaking with Refinery29. Loved by Vogue market director Madeline Fass for being so versatile, this garment is perfect to throw on under sweaters or over tight, long-sleeve shirts if you want to stay warm and fashionable. Perfect for layering and making a statement, the Etsy shop Bloominglace sells dickeys in both black and white colorways so you can experiment easily. 

The faux fur trim collar

You might have noticed that faux-fur trim is having a moment in fashion right now. And, if you love all things lined in fluff, a faux fur collar can be worn with all of your sweaters and jackets to get in on the trend and keep warm in the colder months. TikTok user @montclairvntg styles her handmade fur-trim collar with suede cargo pants, a t-shirt, and a striped jacket. You can buy your own on Etsy.