Fans Tell The List Which Little People, Big World Star Is Their Least Favorite - Exclusive Survey

"Little People, Big World," has been a beloved reality television show since it first aired in 2006. The series, which follows the pumpkin farming Roloff family, took off to a level of mainstream success that its stars could never have anticipated. "Nothing like this has been on the air before," Amy Roloff recalled in an interview with Ability Magazine in 2010. "Nothing had depicted dwarfism in an everyday way." The show has seen success for 18 years and 24 seasons, gathering a fan-base that is committed to watching every episode of "Little People, Big World."

But the "Little People, Big World" Roloff family has changed since the premiere of their hit reality show. In 2016, the youngest of the original Roloff family, Jacob Roloff, left "Little People, Big World." Jacob cited on Instagram at the time that "noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn't work well with the health [and] happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able."

Other members of the family have experienced their own excitements and tribulations through the years. And in the meantime, fans have developed opinions on which stars do — and don't — have soft spots in their hearts.

Zach is the least favorite Little People, Big World star among fans

The List surveyed over 500 respondents to figure out who is their least favorite star of TLC's reality show "Little People, Big World." It turns out that Zach Roloff was fans least favorite member of the hit show. When "Little People, Big World" first aired, Zach — and his fraternal twin Jeremy — were 15 years old. Alongside Molly, who was 12 when the show got its start, and Jacob, just eight years old, Jeremy and Zach grew up on the small screen.

In an interview with People, Zach explained how navigating his relationship with his average-sized brother could be "demoralizing." "[M]y mom would yell at Jeremy like, 'Don't leave your brother behind,'" Zach said. "It was so demoralizing because it was such a little brother thing. I'm not the little brother, so." But Zach managed to come into his own, becoming a television personality, husband, and father. Nonetheless, nearly a quarter of fans (23.3%) surveyed marked him as their least favorite.

How Little People, Big World fans feel about the show's other stars

While Zach Roloff appeared to be the least favorite among surveyed fans, the margins were not particularly wide. The runner-up to least favorite in this survey actually ended up being Zach's fraternal twin, Jeremy, who tallied 19% of the votes. The parents of the Roloff family — Amy and Matt — had 18.82% and 18.28% of the votes respectively for least favorite star. Fans seemed to be much more forgiving to the youngest members of the original Roloff family, with Molly racking up 12.01% and Jacob getting just 8.6%.

Nonetheless, fans have continued to pour their attention into "Little People, Big World," propelling it to its newly released 24th season, according to IMBd. Through those years, some members of the Roloff family have experienced their fair share of controversy. A year into the show's success, father of the family Matt Roloff was found guilty of "refusing to take a breath test and not staying in his lane of travel," per the Oregonian (though he was not found guilty of a DUI). But it seems that, time and time again, the Roloff family manages to steal viewers hearts and keep their eyes on the small screen.