Royal Family And Fans Show Support On Kate Middleton's Birthday Amid Prince Harry Fallout

Between controversial moments from Netflix's "Harry & Meghan" docuseries, which premiered in December, and startling revelations from Prince Harry's "Spare" memoir, which has been highly anticipated, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven't been shy about sharing their truth as of late. Many fans feel that much of what Harry and Meghan have said about their experiences and split from royal life has been revealed at the expense of other members of the royal family –– Prince William and Kate Middleton, in particular, per Time. Consequently, it's clear that some sort of feud is fully underway within the royal family.

Prince Harry has been open about his relationship with his brother and how he feels that has affected the experience he and Meghan Markle have had in the spotlight. Well, if it wasn't already clear whose side the senior royals would take in a Harry vs. William battle, they've taken Kate Middleton's birthday as an opportunity to make it clear to everyone where their allegiances lie, via Express.

Kate Middleton's birthday wishes

According to Daily Mail, in the few days leading up to Kate Middleton's 41st birthday, Prince Harry gave a series of interviews to promote his new memoir, "Spare." It's clear that the royal family didn't want this to take away from the birthday celebrations for Kate Middleton. Per Express, the official Twitter account of the royal family tweeted, "Wishing The Princess of Wales a very Happy Birthday today!"

Fans were quick to comment on the tweet with good wishes for the Princess of Wales, as well as disapproval for Prince Harry's words and the unfortunate timing of his interviews. Some fans even implied that Prince Harry may have chosen to give interviews when he did in an attempt to overshadow Kate's birthday. While not all fans who wished the Princess of Wales a happy 41st birthday theorized about the strategy behind Prince Harry's press junket, they did make it clear that Princess Kate has plenty of fans in her corner, and it's safe to say that most of her royal in-laws are among them.