6 Skittles Manicure Ideas To Warm Up Your Winter Days

Scrolling through social media for inspiration to take with you to your next nail appointment is fun yet sometimes overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it's no wonder it may take you a research-packed evening to settle on the perfect set. However, we got your back with a trendy nail design that we know you'll love: Skittles nails. With Skittles nails, affectionately named after the colorful candy, you won't have to set your heart on one solid color, as each nail will have its own shade to rock.

We know what you're thinking — Skittles nails are reserved for spring and summer when bright and fun colors are having a moment. But that doesn't mean you can't flaunt a gorgeous Skittles look in the throes of winter, too. Just ask "Lose You to Love Me" singer Selena Gomez when she visited celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik in December, prompting him to share an Instagram post of the star's freshly painted Skittles manicure with the caption, "When Sel says she likes them all."

And Ms. Gomez isn't alone. The hashtag #SkittleNails has racked up over 1 million views on TikTok, with a search of winter-themed Skittles nails prompting several results. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Selena yourself, and go for a manicure that features a different color on each nail, look no further. We collected a few of the best Skittles manicure ideas to warm up your winter days.

Taking sweater weather to a whole new level

From butterflies to flowers, designs are a fun way to add a bit of flare to your manicure. But when the winter season approached, and you began to whip out those comfy sweaters, did you ever think they would influence your next nail design? With these nails, you can combine a winter wardrobe essential and the Skittles trend for the warmest set you can imagine, as seen in an Instagram post by @enchantednailsbykellie. Feel free to keep the colors neutral for that warm and cozy vibe.

Opt for pretty pastel snowflakes

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you most likely associate the winter season with snowflakes. If you've considered adding the classic winter nail art design to your manicure but are worried it can err on the side of basic, look no further. With the Skittles nail trend, that otherwise-ordinary design can be incorporated into each uniquely painted nail, giving a colorful yet seasonal touch. If you just can't stay away from playful colors, opt for pastel shades of pink, blue and green, as seen in an Instagram photo by @pglnails.

The perfect warm palette with a sparkly party nail

Warm colors of chocolate, golden brown, terracotta, and mauve are major fan favorites during the fall and winter months, providing that much-needed cozy and rich ambiance. When paired together and painted on each nail, you get a Skittles nail look that is cohesive and chic. Take the gorgeous manicure shared by @rachi_phadte in this Instagram post, for example. Depicting decadent warm hues of brown on each nail, with a fun sparkly party nail on the ring finger for a pop of shine, you get an overall look made for the winter season.

Winter blues to cure your winter blues

Sometimes, you want to spice up that traditionally neutral color palette and include a fun pop of color into your manicure, and a winter blue shade is a classic choice. But which blue nail polish shade do you choose? From baby blue to sapphire blue, the options are endless. With Skittles nails, you don't have to pick just one. This Instagram pic shared by @jasminsnails_ depicts this beautifully with her sparkly blue Skittles nail set. Sure to turn your winter blues right around, this manicure is ideal for those taken ladies who want to participate in the mega-popular #BlueNails TikTok trend.

Glazed donut nails with a wintery twist

Glazed donut nails swept social media in 2022, with the main focus of the nails being that shiny, chromatic look — typically painted white. While that manicure on its own is chic and gorgeous, mix it up this winter by incorporating warm colors of red, orange, forest green, and gold, like @des.tinationnails did in this Instagram post. Combining chrome with Skittles nails gives a celestial-type vibe with colors that shimmer and shine depending on the angle and light that catches each shade.

Icy nails reminiscent of snowy days

A winter color palette of soft pastel shades is perfect for those who love an icy, winter wonderland vibe — especially if the colors are pale baby blues and whites, as seen in an Instagram pic by @danaturenails. Her wintery Skittles manicure is definitely reminiscent of those soft snowy days. Add some glitter to the white nail in the set to further remind you of glistening snowflakes. The weather outside might be frightful, but your Skittles nails are so delightful — sorry, we had to.