What Is Pregnancy Nose And Is It Dangerous?

There are a lot of changes that occur during pregnancy. As soon as you see that positive test, you may already start to notice how your body feels foreign. Each week of your pregnancy, things will change. For example, foods you once loved to eat may now seem gross to you and foods you once hated may become your new craving, your sense of smell may have changed, causing things to smell stronger, and you may start to feel nauseous. Beyond your inner feelings, you'll also notice some changes to your body. Your nails may grow thicker and longer, you will, of course, start to gain weight, and you could experience aches and pains, per Verywell Family.

But beyond the more obvious things that change during pregnancy, there are some odd ones as well. According to Cosmopolitan, some pregnant women experience voice changes, brain fog, an influx of hair growth, and swelling in odd places. Recently, TikTok has been abuzz about one specific area of swelling during pregnancy that no one talks about — the nose. This is called pregnancy nose and yes, it is a real thing. But should you be concerned if you have it?

What you need to know about pregnancy nose

Women all over TikTok are sharing their experience with pregnancy nose, showing photos of their nose before pregnancy and during it, proving that their nose did, in fact, get larger while pregnant. According to PopSugar, not only is pregnancy nose a real thing, it is actually quite common, with about 20% of pregnant women experiencing a change in the size of their nose.

During pregnancy, your nose is susceptible to more than just growth. In fact, many women also experience a constant runny nose, nose bleeds, or a sudden onset of congestion throughout their pregnancy. Doctors believe these changes are likely due to the higher levels of hormones in your body, which can cause immune changes and increased blood flow — hence the swelling and larger appearance of the nose. But if you are worried about pregnancy nose, remember that the reason your nose is getting bigger is to help your fetus grow and deliver a healthy baby, per Parents. But should you be concerned if you do notice your nose swelling?

When to be concerned about pregnancy nose

Pregnancy is rough for many reasons. The emotional changes, side effects, and physical changes can often lead many women to worry about pregnancy. So when the idea of a pregnancy nose began circulating around TikTok, women were aghast. Luckily, according to Today, it is actually quite harmless and the majority of women will once again see their regular nose in the mirror about six weeks after birth.

But there are some instances when you should be concerned about a larger nose. According to PopSugar, if you have any breathing problems or respiratory issues, pregnancy nose can make this worse as it often comes with congestion. Leaving this untreated by your doctor could cause an asthma attack, so be sure to let your doctor know if you see any changes. If your nose suddenly swells and is accompanied by swelling in other areas like the hands and feet, blurry vision, and headaches, contact your doctor immediately as this can signal preeclampsia, which is a dangerous condition during pregnancy.

Pregnancy nose may not be the most fun side effect of pregnancy, but it will be worth it once your baby is born — and six weeks later when it finally goes back to normal.