Joe Biden Gives An Update On First Lady Jill's Recovery From Surgery

President Joe Biden has had his fair share of health struggles since he took the White House following his 2020 election win over former President Donald Trump. Fox News reported that the president was diagnosed with COVID-19 over the summer of 2022. It was noted that he also has atrial fibrillation, a non-life-threatening condition that impacts the beating of his heart.


However, WebMD has shared that while Biden may have some minor health conditions, he is relatively healthy for his age and more than capable of holding the position of president.

The president is not the only member of the Biden family who has experienced health concerns while living in the White House. First lady Dr. Jill Biden underwent a screening for skin cancer, which found a small lesion above her eye (per NBC News).

As a result of the findings, the first lady underwent a routine procedure to remove the lesions. President Biden has updated the public on his wife's status following the cancer scare.

The first lady is recovering from a skin cancer removal procedure

First lady Dr. Jill Biden underwent a successful procedure to remove three legions from her face, NPR reported. Dr. Kevin O'Connor, President Joe Biden, and the first lady's primary physician shared that two legions were cancerous. However, the tissue was removed, and she was able to return to the White House a few hours following the procedure.


The first lady was joined by her husband at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the operation occurred. He recently issued an update on his wife's recovery, letting the public know she was doing well.

During a press conference, Biden shared, "She's doing really well. She was under a long time, for five hours because of what they were doing ... [removing] what they thought might be cancerous and they have to then go back and test it and see what it was."

On how his wife was feeling, Biden said, "She's doing really well, she's up. We had breakfast this morning, she's recovering. She's going to be sore for a while because of the work they did on her eyes, that's where one of these were," Biden added. "But zero to one percent chance of ever returning of any cancer, and so thank god she's doing really well."