12 Fridgescaping Ideas That Are Practical (And Beautiful)

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Our refrigerators are arguably the most important appliance in our homes, preserving our beloved, life-sustaining food items. Yet, we often disregard them and use them without intention. What do we mean? Well, aren't we all prone to putting items in our fridges without any real tactic, using the space as no more than a container in which to keep things that belong there? And out of sight is out of mind — that is, until you open the refrigerator door. Where is all the food you just bought? The parmesan is on top of the pickle jar; the leftover salad has been buried behind stacks of yogurt cups in the back; you bought an extra carton of half-and-half because you forgot to check the side door; and there is a lemon in every drawer. 


There is a better way to engage with our refrigerators, the appliance that does so much for us. Our refrigerators should be celebrated, even decorated, for keeping our cold brew cold and our cucumbers from mold. And the creative people of social media have the answers to your refrigerator woes, should you be open to them. While you're busy using our clever little tricks for organizing your space in 2023 and using these TikTok-approved kitchen organization hacks, we've also compiled some of the most beautiful refrigerators of the web here for your inspiration, as well as some tricks for organizing. 

The lore of the aesthetic refrigerator

When a man maned Fred W. Wolf invented the first home refrigerator in 1913, he could not have dreamed that Kim Kardashian would one day be booed online for posing in front of two of them, stocked with all liquids, while promoting her shapewear line, Skims (via Insider). Kardashian then took to Instagram (and posted a shorter version on Twitter) for a proper fridge tour to clear the air that she does keep food in her house. She showcased her stunning "main fridge," the size of a walk-in closet (via Complex). 

So, how did we get here? Refrigerators were first mass-produced in 1918, but became more common in the home toward the end of the 1920s, when General Electric sold an iteration that was considered more affordable for regular families, per Antique Appliances. Around half of American families had one refrigerator before World War II, and the majority did after. While refrigerators continued to advance through the decades, fridges were being marketed to women in the 1950s. One advertising report from the time concurred that all fridges on the market were the same basic white, but the woman buying one wanted to demonstrate her own stylish sensibilities while curating a cohesive home. Thus, when Frigidaire introduced an entire line of color appliances in 1954, it changed how women thought about and decorated their kitchens. The appliances themselves were part of the aesthetic. 

Now, #FridgeTour has more than 50 million views on TikTok, #FridgeOrganization has almost 2 billion views, and #FridgeDecor has more than 280,000 views, as social media users show off their unique fridge aesthetics.

Unconventional ideas for a fun fridge

TikTok user @gardenof_eve has seen several of her videos go viral after sharing how she decorates the inside of her fridge, which sometimes follows a theme. In one video, she first removes almost everything from her fridge, then places a bunch of fresh baby's breath flowers and eucalyptus branches in the notches of her shelves. After stocking one section in beverages — in this case, Michelob Ultra light beers — she then puts her dairy and produce into separate drawers, places additional green produce in containers around the fridge, adds several rows of Voss waters, and, as the focal point of her masterpiece, a beautiful bottle of Clase Azul Reposado Tequila. Oh, and how could we forget the finishing touches: the framed photograph of her cat on the shelf with the waters, and the little glass, corked bottles filled with what we assume are her daily vitamins?

Now, it's safe to say some users on the internet were scandalized by this fridge set up, questioning her use of the more unconventional items in her fridge. However, others were simply amazed. "YOU CAN DO THAT???" one user asked. "This is the most bizarre but oddly nice thing I've ever seen," another wrote. "Literally who would take the time to do this (I'm doing this tomorrow)," wrote another. 

Make your fridge a masterpiece

TikTok user @gardenof_eve follows this simple philosophy: "Make your fridge a masterpiece," as she captioned another fridge video of hers. This one is vibrant, featuring rows of San Pellegrino sparkling waters, a section of beer bottles, reusable cartons full of quail eggs, colorful dried pastas in jars, and seasonal tomatoes. Of course, the set up would not be finished without a live lemon plant and two large, decorative leaves to accentuate the background of her work, complete with vining branches. This fridge interior — no, this piece of art –  has a somewhat avant-garde feel to it, as a bunch of herbs drape longingly from the highest shelf in the fridge, and a ginger root stands, alone, atop the pasta jars. 

After scouring through her catalog of ingenious fridge decor, here is what we've learned. First, she has no qualms with using food items that would otherwise not be refrigerated to accent the content of her fridge, using decor items from the home, or appropriating that decor for another purpose. For example, she uses a snow globe container as an egg container. She uses live plants and flowers, which might last a little longer in the fridge anyway. And, to put it in her own words, she just goes for it, placing items where it feels intuitive to do so (via TikTok).

However, this is just the big picture of what your fridge could be. Let's get into the details. 

Food storage containers

Proper food storage is a critical component to every functioning and aesthetic fridge. Now, with so many on the market of different shapes, sizes, materials, and features, it is important to decide which works best for you, as you will be using them often. In general, clear containers, instead of opaque, can help you see what you're storing. Glass containers work wonders because you can both keep and reheat food in them, unlike plastic, per Simply Recipes. However, plastic containers tend to be cheaper than glass containers, will not break, and are lighter weight. Therefore, if you tend to run out of the house with meal-prepped items, plastic could be the choice for you. 

This set of 13 glass containers from Amazon in both round and square shapes of varying sizes, also feature airtight lids, is perfect for keeping food fresh in the fridge. And this set of 16 BPA-free plastic containers come in a mix of sizes to aid in separating your groceries, as well as labels. Of course, you can also never go wrong with mason jars. 

Experimenting with metal baskets, like these from Amazon, for your storage needs is also a great idea. We take huge inspiration from Instagram user Kristen Hong (@hellonutritarian), author of "Fridge Love," who uses a mix of containers and mason jars to build her fantastic fridge interior in her Instagram post

Fridge drawers, bins, and shelves

Further essential components of your fridge makeover are the containers you use for storage. Aside from helping you keep track of your groceries, storage bins also just simplify the interior of your fridge so it's more streamlined. TikTok user Mallory Hudson (@malloryhudsonxo) showcases a range of bins in different sizes, as well as some that stack, to keep her fridge well kept in this TikTok organizational tutorial.

Space could be wasted if your fridge is devoid of adequate drawers and shelves, which can also make organization difficult. These small, retractable shelves from Amazon will help you maximize your space. With slats for ventilation, they would be perfect for storing berries or other fresh produce, and come in a combination of pastel blue, pink, light brown, and cream colors. Shelf organizers for your pantry can also be appropriated for the fridge, should you want an extra surface for food storage, like these from Amazon

Or, if you would rather go with drawers, these stackable drawers from Amazon come in a range of sizes. Just keep in mind that they are not dishwasher safe. Bins like these BPA-free plastic ones from Amazon are also simple to incorporate, and do the job of keeping your food separated. 

Fridge-sized turntable

Maybe you're sick of your smaller grocery items disappearing into the dark, unreachable corners of your fridge. Consider a turntable, also known as a Lazy Susan, to keep your single items in one place for easy access. No more shuffling through foodstuff to find the one jar of olives you seek. TikTok user Azure MacCannell (@livecomposed) uses a Lazy Susan in this video, which is used to store prepped fruits and vegetables. However, you could use it for any items you want to keep together. For example, you can use it for all of your condiments, your components for your favorite salad, or to create a cold brew coffee bar. 

This turntable from Amazon comes in a cute sage color and features wavy edges for a modern feel, while this turntable from Amazon, made of wood, reads a bit more rustic and natural. Also, this turntable from Amazon is inexpensive and made with clear plastic for a floating-on-air look. 

Reusable egg cartons

Strangely enough, egg storage is where you can get super creative and custom depending on your needs and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. This ingenious egg carton from Amazon loads up a new egg once you pull one out, while this other egg container from Amazon is enclosed so you can safely place other items on top. For big egg lovers, this double-decker pink tray can hold 40 eggs at a time. This porcelain egg carton from Crate & Barrel is the fancier version of the original, while this pretty pink porcelain tray from Amazon can add an accent color to your fridge. 

If you're willing to spend on an item that is pretty enough to decorate your home with, a search through Etsy will yield many gorgeous handmade egg containers, including this stunning, handmade ceramic blue and gold egg tray from shop Claylicious. This Etsy shop also features matching items, including an olive oil bottle, should you want to incorporate a collection in your fridge. 

And for a slightly less pricey option, this handmade, stoneware egg tray from Jefferson Street Co. on Etsy comes in a serene, robin egg blue. This shop also features matching items, perfect for achieving a cohesive fridge aesthetic.

Cheese containers

Just like there are many varieties of cheeses out there, there are also a variety of ways to store them. And cheese is a food item that requires some thoughtfulness when it comes to keeping fresh in your fridge. According to Real Simple, the cheese that tends to last the longest will be your hard cheeses — think parmesan or pecorino. However, to keep them fresh, you need them to retain their moisture, per Food52. To keep soft cheeses fresh, like brie, which are full of moisture, it also requires a delicate balance. The good news is properly storing your cheeses also means eliminating from your fridge the unsightly, gooey plastic wrap that cheese is often sold in. Wrapping your cheeses in cheese paper is the way to go, and placing your hard cheese in a cheese bag after wrapping can help them both stay fresh and taste better.

This combo pack of cheese paper and cheese bags from Amazon are the perfect place to start, and TikTok user @punkrockparmigiano demonstrates in their video how to wrap your cheese like a professional. This will look all the more beautiful in your fridge. You can also purchase a reusable silicone storage bag like this one from Amazon to place your cheese in once it's wrapped. And using natural wax paper or parchment paper to wrap your cheese in also works, if you have some on hand. 

Food storage bags

Food storage bags, unlike standard glass or plastic containers, can also add additional shapes and textures to your fridge, aside from their utility. Instagram user Kristen Hong (@hellonutritarian) uses stand up reusable storage bags like these from Amazon to maximize the vertical space both on the fridge shelf and in the fridge drawer. Hong also uses netted produce bags in the drawer in lieu of plastic bags. These cotton bags from Amazon are reusable, washable, and have a multi-purpose, as they can be used during your grocery or farmer's market runs and easily transferred to your fridge. They can also be used for other errands as a cute tote. 

Beverage containers

While there's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned carton of oat milk, sometimes it can be hard to tell just how much you have left until it's too late. This is why some people opt for clear containers in which to put their milk (or other beverages) so you never have to worry about being a glass short for your morning latte. TikTok user @dima_zayed orchestrates her beverage containers in her video, pouring milks and juice into clear bottles and labeling each one. This 34-ounce glass bottle from Ikea costs under $5, while this set of three 5-ounce glass bottles costs $6 also from Ikea.

Soft pastel aesthetic

Once you check out your fridge and identify your storage needs, you can begin curating your fridge interior around a certain aesthetic. Instagram user Samantha Klein (@samswhurld) uses pastel storage bins (which come in many chic colors and sizes from Hay) to create a soft, dreamy feel — which is how we feel when we see delicious food in our fridge, too! Klein also places her beverages with their labels facing out, so whoever opens the fridge can appreciate their beautiful packaging.

Rustic, natural aesthetic

This fridge from Instagram user @dusk2illdawn features wicker and natural cloths to create a rustic, earthy feel in the fridge with modern elements. Choosing storage containers with wooden lids adds to the natural aesthetic. In this example, an assortment of baskets, including one lined in cloth to keep grapes in and another small one for lemons, adds an element of charm. We also appreciate the fresh herbs stored in a ceramic mug for both easy access and aesthetic value. 

Light and bright aesthetic

And last but not least, you can never go wrong with a fridge that is light and bright. This fridge from Instagram user @homganize is simple, clean, and showcases the fresh produce. The many wooden lid food storage containers creates an open plan fridge interior, if you will, as well. We love the welcoming bowls of fruit in the center of the fridge, as well as the streamlined beverage organization. And, of course, a small bouquet of big flowers on the top shelf adds a joyful and finishing touch.