How To Get Nicola Peltz Beckham's Stunning 'Blizzard' Manicure

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Hailey Bieber's so-called "glazed doughnut" manicure, originally designed by celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, dominated the summer of 2022 (per Elite Daily). However, another trend is slowly but surely usurping the doughnut: "blizzard" nails. According to PopSugar, "blizzard" nails are a fresh take on a classic french tip, using an ombré effect and glittering top coat to achieve a snowstorm-chic appearance.

The origins of blizzard nails can be traced back to Nicola Peltz Beckham, daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz and, as of April 2022, wife of Brooklyn Beckham. The star's birthday celebration involved a trip to the spa and an appointment with celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik (@tombachik), who has also been known for decking out Selena Gomez's nails (via Cosmopolitan). It was here Bachik trademarked "blizzard" nails, posting on his Instagram, "Blizzard French Bday for @nicolaannepeltzbeckham," along with a picture of the look. Fortunately, even without the help of an expert manicurist, this wintertime "blizzard" manicure isn't too difficult to copy at home.

Recreate blizzard nails at home with a makeup sponge

To recreate Nicola Peltz Beckham's "blizzard" nails at home, look to YouTuber Hannah Weir. Without a gel manicure kit, she uses a makeup sponge to achieve the ombré effect. Start by applying a nude base coat to your nails — scroll through Opi's shades of nude on Amazon. Next, paint a layer of white polish on the top third of a clean makeup sponge, covering the bottom with the same base shade of nude. Make sure the two colors blend seamlessly in the middle. The idea is to create an ombré effect on the sponge before applying the polish to your nails. Pro tip from Hannah: paint a layer of liquid palisade — she uses Kiesque — around your cuticles before going in with the sponge. This will ensure minimal cleanup. Alternatively, nail technician Charlotte Knight recommends Vaseline (per Metro). 

Finally, gently pat the sponge on your nail bed, repeating the process until the pigment has fully transferred. The white polish should cover the tip. After letting the color dry, apply a glittering top coat to your ombré french tips to emphasize that "blizzard" effect. "On [Beckham's] look, the glitter used was quite chunky and created the 'snowy' effect," Knight explained. "The final result is guaranteed to have people asking what salon you went to." For starters, try out the Kur diamond top coat.

What to do if you have an at-home gel kit

According to Allure, celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik uses Mia Secret's Almond Extension Gel Tips to create the perfect shape for Nicola Peltz Beckham's birthday nails. Alternatively, YouTuber Tina Yong opts for a file, a cuticle pusher, hydrating oil, and a builder gel — like this Beetles polish — to create a square "coffin" shape on her natural nails.

Start by prepping your beds with primer and a base coat, curing the gel polish under a nail light. Next, paint a nude layer — Bachik uses the shade Nude Rose Petal from Mia Secret's collection — letting it sit for another minute under the light. Paint white polish halfway down your nail and blend the colors with an ombré brush. Cure under your at-home UV light, adding additional white polish as needed. Blend out thoroughly each time. Though gel manicures tend to take longer to perfect, there are definitive upsides. "Gel polish is more durable than regular polish," manicurist Jaclyn Duguay-Gordon tells Seventeen. A gel manicure can last up to three weeks without chipping, sometimes even four if you're careful.

Add rhinestones to your french tips for extra wintertime sparkle

HBO's "Euphoria" may have popularized face gems and bold liner looks, but the show's nail art was equally memorable. Allure highlights Cassie's Season 2 bedazzled look. In the words of "Euphoria's" nail designer, Natalie Minerva, "Rhinestones just look good on film. They give a little extra glitz and glamour."

Gina Edwards, Alice + Olivia's manicurist, seems to agree. She designed bold, bedazzled french tips for New York Fashion Week 2022, per PopSugar. To perfect the look yourself, start with a simple french tip (or a Tom Bachik "blizzard" manicure) and add dimension with rhinestones, using them to line the base of your nail bed or transition between nude and white polish. Invest in these Lights Laquer 3-D pearl nail stickers or opt for a Sularpek set available on Amazon. Best of all, this trend isn't just reserved for long nails. According to nail artist Brittney Boyce, this glam look is for people with any length of nails (via Allure).