Here's How To Get A Euphoria Manicure At Home

Since Season 1, "Euphoria's" beauty team has delivered some masterpieces. The show's aesthetics are a pop culture moment. Every strand of hair has been carefully styled, the '90s inspired makeup expertly applied, and each character's individual style is always on point. But their nail game has elevated to the next level with the help of celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva who, per Allure, was recruited by Alexa Demie after a chance encounter.

Nail art reigned supreme in the second season of HBO's hit teen drama. Elite Daily ranked the manicures featured on the show, and showered fan favorites Alexa Demie's Maddy, Barbie Ferreira's Kat, and Sydney Sweeney's Cassie in high praise. As die hard fans, we collectively obsessed over Cassie's 4 a.m. beauty routine (while expressing healthy concern for her storyline). Morning routine secured, we turned to Maddy's double wing eyeliner for a bold makeup look. 

Now, we can finally pick our jaws up off of the ground and copy the top manicures rocked by the "Euphoria" cast, as Minerva teamed up with nail brand ManiMe to create a series of stick on nail art straight from the show.

The ManiMe X Natalie Minerva collection features fan-favorite Euphoria nail moments

For her ManiMe collection, Elite Daily pointed out that lead nail artist Natalie Minerva took the most meme-able moments from "Euphoria" and turned them into manicure gold. Her pink, diamond encrusted nail stickers, aptly named "Never Been Happier," are pulled from Cassie's emotional monologue in Season 2, Episode 3, in which she declared that she's "never ever been happier" (via IMDb). 

This viral moment is so iconic that it inspired a legion of fans to memorize its lines. It's only fitting that Minerva's second nail sticker set would also come from that very scene, per Elite Daily. The "Are You Kidding Me?" manicure is a fan favorite and has sparked its own cultural reckoning. Worn by Maddy, we're mesmerized by the stark black lines across a white base coat and glitter.

While those are the only nail art designs to get the ManiMe treatment, we're crossing fingers that we will be blessed with more looks — both on screen and in stores.