The Surprising Way Quinoa Might Help Control Your Breakouts

If you are struggling with breakouts, you have likely scoured the skincare section at your local drugstore or even splurged on some high-quality lotions, creams, and cleansers from more high-end beauty spots. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, to avoid breakouts, your skin needs to be cleaned twice a day and especially after a good sweat session. You also need to be using the right products for your skin type. In addition, they recommend routinely washing your hair to avoid oils from melting down onto your face and not touching your skin as much as possible.

But when this doesn't work and your breakouts still won't go away, you may want to ditch the drugstore and head to the grocery stores instead. If you are suffering from hormonal acne, your diet can often be the cause. And as Healthline noted, foods like salmon, cauliflower, and papaya have great benefits for healthy skin. While we don't recommend using nova as a face mask — ingesting these food items regularly can help prevent breakouts. One of the best foods for acne control is surprisingly, quinoa, and the benefits of eating this superfood could change your skin.

How quinoa helps clear your skin

Quinoa is a great addition to any diet, whether you are trying to lose weight, bulk up, or just get a bit healthier. But the benefits of adding quinoa to your meal plan go beyond just helping the inside of your body. According to Healthline, the biggest way quinoa helps our skin is by keeping our bowel movements regular. This helps our body release toxins which can cause our skin to break out and create unwanted dark spots.

But quinoa does more for our skin than just release toxins. Newsweek reported that the benefits are vast. Introducing quinoa into your diet can help fix blemishes on your skin as the grain contains high levels of Vitamin E, which is important in preventing damage from the sun and outside pollution. Quinoa also has high levels of Vitamin B3, which helps with redness, breakouts, irritation, and acne. If you have had acne in the past and are now dealing with scarring, the ecdysteroids in quinoa can assist in minimizing the scars. But the benefits don't stop there — quinoa can also aid in brightening your skin, exfoliating it, and helping it look younger.

How to incorporate quinoa into your diet

Quinoa is a great way to help your skin, but it has benefits beyond just clearing acne and dark spots. Quinoa is one of the only foods that have all the amino acids our bodies need in order to stay truly healthy (via Whole Grain Council). The grain can help with weight loss as it helps us feel fuller longer and can help those suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. If you're ready to add some quinoa to your daily meal plan, Huff Post recommends adding it to your salads or using it to make veggie burger patties. You can also mix it into soups to make them extra filling or add cooked quinoa to muffins or cakes.

But quinoa doesn't just have to be a dinner and after-dinner food. NDTV Food suggests incorporating it into your breakfast smoothies or to eat quinoa like you do oatmeal, adding maple syrup, nuts, and dried fruits for the ultimate start to your day.