The Most Romantic Sign In The Zodiac

With a certain holiday around the corner — the one where Cupid gracefully shoots your crush with a bow and arrow — some of us may have romance on our minds. Everybody shows love in different ways, and how you show it is up to you. Romance is often considered an action; being romantic could be committing to a kind gesture, like making dinner, or embarking on an adventure together, tuning into an emotional bond, or speaking words of affirmation. For those of us who love to love, and seek to be even better lovers, where can we turn to learn more? 

Of course, astrology has answers for you. Astrology and the zodiac can be tools in an exercise of reflecting on who you are, how you interact with others, and how you interact with the world, which can all play in role in how you identify with love and express it. 

When it comes to thinking through your romantic side, be sure to have your birth chart on hand, which can show you an even more thorough picture of how you relate to love in your life. Here's how you read one. Your 5th, 7th, and 8th houses can tell you much about how love shows up in your life, per Clastrology

One stubborn sign rules the world of love

When it comes romance, Venus rules all. Taking its name from the goddess Venus, who rules all things that have to do with pleasure, from art, love, and passion, wherever the planet Venus is in your chart is where you will find insight into your romantic life, per InStyle. There are two signs in the zodiac that are ruled by Venus: Libra and Taurus. Having either of these signs in your chart can point to an increased influence of Venus in certain areas of your life, depending on which house they fall in.

Taurus, ultimately, is considered the most romantic sign in the zodiac. As an earth sign, it has a close relationship to material possessions (meaning Tauruses make great gift-givers). Tauruses delight in matters that relate to the body and the earth, taking the time to revel in their senses, whether it be walking barefoot, or taking in the scent of their lover's hair. Those are just some of the ways a Taurus shows love. 

While they're often faulted for being stubborn — the symbol for Taurus is a bull, after all — we say that Taurus is more interested in thoroughly grazing the pastures of life, savoring their time spent on Earth, both with themselves and with others. And what is more romantic than basking deeply and intently in the beauty of it all with a lover?