This Is How A Taurus Shows Love

If you know a Taurus, or are one yourself, you know this sign is headstrong to the nth degree. After all, you really can't get much more impressive than having a bull for your sign's symbol. However, there is so much more to Taurus' unique traits than their steadfast approach to life.

Taurus signs are spring babies born between April 19 and May 20. According to Mind Body Green, they are dependable, reliable, and practical thinkers. In fact, the earth sign is usually the go-to person in the family or friend group, or on staff, simply because they are hardworking individuals who are naturally calm and dependable. That makes them very desired to work with because they are helpful and determined, and no matter what, they get the job done.

It's that inner patience that helps them navigate challenges in a practical manner. You won't find them simply reacting without careful thought. This can be a positive trait when it comes to how Taurus shows love for their partner, and how they maintain relationships.

Taurus approaches love slowly

With a patient and predictable nature, Taurus isn't the type to fall head over heels in an instant (via Co—Star Astrology). Instead, they take relationships slowly, letting each date or encounter build upon the last, as they get to know a partner. You won't find Taurus involved in a string of casual encounters, and once Taurus commits, they're in it for the long haul.

The pragmatic Taurus looks at a relationship with a steady and careful eye. It's more important for their partner to be the right one rather than just another good-looking face. This discernment takes time. When faced with a difficulty in the relationship, their first thought isn't to leave. Rather, they immediately consider ways to fix the problem. This makes partners feel safe and protected. The position of a Taurus is to get the root of a problem and figure it out as a solid unit. Realistic in every sense, they acknowledge that life is filled with challenges but also that they can work on them to make them better.

Expect old-fashioned, romantic gestures

Though Taurus enjoy beauty and fine things they're not snobs or shallow. A great date for a Taurus would be going to an upscale restaurant and dressing the part, of course, combined with a good conversation where both people are engaged and attentive. You can also expect the best wine and freshest flowers (via Elite Daily).

When it comes to affection, Taurus loves nothing more than long kisses and hearty hugs. They'll gladly hold hands and cuddle because showing their love for their partner is important to them. You won't catch them being dramatic or loud or making a scene. However, if you oppose them, they will debate you assert their position without fail, especially when they know they're right.

Ultimately, Taurus looks forward to a life with high-quality company, friends, clothing, and food. A quality home life wouldn't hurt, either. Loyalty is a non-negotiable for Taurus, and a committed union is their ultimate endgame. Naturally, this means Taurus needs a self-care routine, too, because if they're not feeling their best, they won't be their best for others.