Property Brothers Bloopers That Make Us Love Them Even More

On HGTV's Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott act as a truly dynamic duo. Drew serves as the show's realtor, while Jonathan knocks out the demo and renovation aspect of finding the perfect place for their clients to call home. As the title of the show (not to mention their shared last name) suggests, the pros are brothers — twins, to be precise. And if ever there was a testament to the tight bond between twins, it's these two. 

Because Drew and Jonathan often keep it light-hearted while filming, it's not a shocker that plenty of funny moments make the final cut. However, fans aren't privy to all of the behind-the-scenes hilarity. The brothers spend hours upon hours together while shooting, so it just makes sense that there are more outtakes than producers could possibly splice into the hour-long show. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few Property Brothers bloopers that'll make you fall even harder for Drew and Jonathan Scott. 

You know what they say about idle hands

This is awkward, hands down. No, seriously Jonathan — hands down. In this hilarious Property Brothers clip, the carpenter is trying to explain how the homebuyers may have to upsize their budget. However, he never finishes his sentence because his hands start creeping up into the frame, causing Jonathan to exclaim,"I don't know what to do with my hands! Is this natural?" Jonathan's hand insecurity is laugh-out-loud funny, especially when you consider the fact that it looks like they are poised to run through his flowing locks of hair. 

But perhaps Jonathan's hands just miss the spotlight. For years, they were the focal point of his career — not as a carpenter, but as a magician. According to the Scott Brothers website, this half of the Property Brothers co-hosts was "actively performing as an award-winning magician and illusionist" by the time he was a teen. These days, he shows off his sleight of hand on set. 

The force is strong with this one

This is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it blooper. Or, if you prefer, a rewind-and-rewatch ten times kind of outtake. But if you're a fan of both Property Brothers and Star Wars (because you clearly have excellent taste), then this clip of Jonathan will make your morning. The handyman gets caught in a partially demo'ed kitchen, wielding a white pipe like a lightsaber. 

One can assume from the clip that Jonathan probably grew up watching the Star Wars movies and dreaming of one day becoming a Jedi. And while that could only happen in a galaxy far, far away, both of the Scott brothers have achieved our galaxy's equivalent before the fame: they're karate experts! 

Per the Scott Brothers website, Drew is a national gold medalist and 2nd-degree black belt. Jonathan's skills aren't anything to scoff at either — in a throwback Instagram photo, he wears multiple karate medals. Bonus? Drew posted a throwback pic of his own of all the Scott brothers alongside their karate sensei, joking that the dojo is "where Brother vs. Brother began." 

They're actors. They know karate. Are you listening, casting directors? The Scott brothers are poised to play the next order of Jedi masters. 

Someone needs to study their produce

Done well, food puns can be pretty darn funny by design. But in this throwback 2013 blooper, Jonathan proves just how unintentionally hilarious they can be, too. While the brothers presumably stand in the kitchen of one of their projects, the carpenter grabs a piece of fresh produce and pointedly jokes, "Whatever you do, don't squash it." There's just one problem — Jonathan's holding an eggplant! Oh, boy. Perhaps it's time for a Property Brothers educational trip to the local farmers' market, eh? 

Although, judging by a 2016 breakfast challenge with YouTuber Jenna Ezarik, Jonathan must have picked up a few skills (including proper fruit and veggie identification) over the years. His confidence clearly shines when he says, "For me, I can not only build your dream home, I can build a kicka** breakfast." And since he essentially won the challenge with his tasty combo of an egg-and-hotdog scramble with buttered toast, he must have been telling the truth. 

Must love dogs is Jonathan's motto

This isn't technically a blooper from the show, but it is a cute, unplanned moment shared by the bros. During an appearance on PeopleTV to promote Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew take part in a round of the network's "Ultimate Twin Test." They get off to a rocky start by not matching several answers, including "The last thing Jonathan thinks of before sleep." Drew's answer: "Why am I still single." Jonathan's answer: "Dogs." Not skipping a beat, Drew then deadpans, "That's why you're still single!" 

But honestly, who doesn't love a dude who dotes on his dogs? In an interview with Fetch! magazine (via the Scott Brothers website), Jonathan confirmed that he does indeed put his pups first. During the conversation, the carpenter casually revealed that his Chihuahua, Gracie, and Yorkshire Terrier, Stewie, go everywhere he does. 

"They're flying in today, so I'm just getting the house set up for them," Jonathan told the magazine. "Dogs are all about consistency, so mine have the exact same set-up wherever they go. As soon as they arrive, they'll run and find their beds — they know exactly where they'll be." You could say they're jet-setting pets.  

Parlez-vous français?

Drew Scott could easily pass as a character in a Disney movie. A prince, perhaps? No, he'd make an excellent villain if his behavior on Property Brothers is any indication. He lives to burst people's bubbles. He enjoys antagonizing his ruggedly handsome bro. He randomly bursts into song. He can't stand to get his hands dirty. Plus, in this blooper, he randomly breaks into what appears to be a nefarious French accent upon mispronouncing the name "Marianne."

By Jonathan's own admission, he says both brothers have particularly mesmerizing accents in foreign TV markets. "If you want something special, in Mexico and in Spain we're dubbed in Spanish and we have the sexiest Spanish voices, let me tell you!" he joked to Glamour. And, hey, if Drew ever does voice a Disney villain and needs a day off, he has a built-in double in his bro — hilariously, the exact same Spanish dub-over voice is used for Drew and Jonathan. 

Why are you hitting yourself?

Ah, yes — the classic "hitting yourself" shtick. Seemingly since the dawn of time, siblings have been using this tactic to drive each other crazy. If you have siblings, you're probably smirking right now over all the times you held your brother or sister down and pulled this infuriating prank. Indeed, it's one of the most relatable bloopers. There's little context to why or how Drew got Jonathan in this position, but does there really need to be any? No matter how you slice it, this moment is peak Property Brothers shenanigans. 

You can't fake that kind of brotherly bond, and it has seen these two through a lot — including, on a serious note, Jonathan's failed first marriage. "Our family is very, very close, so to bring him back into the fold and let him know we're all here for support was a big thing," Drew told People of his brother. "I said, 'Nope, you are not sitting at home. Get your butt out here. You're coming with me, and we're hanging out.'" If that doesn't make you want to call your sibs and tell 'em you love them, nothing will. 

Once, twice, three times a Scott brother

Nothing is more laughable than when someone breaks out in a giggle fit and can't stop. When it is three people, it's exponentially funnier — especially when those three people are J.D., Jonathan, and Drew Scott. The "other brother" J.D. tries his hardest to ask his Property Brothers siblings a legitimate question about the oddest jobs they've held over the years, but he just can't seem to get the words out without all three of the bros cracking up. If you can watch this without bursting into laughter, you deserve a medal. 

As Jonathan tells it, everyone involved in filming Property Brothers pretty much deserves a medal for making it through the day. When asked by Parade what fans miss behind the scenes, he revealed, "The laughter is one of the things fans miss. We laugh non-stop. We have so much fun it's amazing we get any work done." Ah-ha! Just as everyone suspected. 

Boys, boys — you both have nice cameras

What is it about men and their constant need to compare their equipment? Hey now, get your mind out of the gutter — we're talking camera equipment. Here, Drew looks in a mirror and admires the video camera sitting on his shoulder when Jonathan swoops in with a much larger one. "You call that a camera? I call that a camera," Jonathan jokes. To which Drew coyly responds, "It's what you do with the camera that counts, not the size." 

The guys enjoy a similar competitive but friendly vibe when the cameras aren't rolling. According to Drew, they love to adventure and play sports together: basketball, volleyball, rock climbing, and even trapezing. "We actually have pictures of Jonathan doing a toe-hang. He's hanging from a bar that's about 30-35 feet in the air upside-down from his toes with his hands to the side," Drew told Real Style Network. To which Jonathan promptly quipped, "That's how talented I am!" 

You can't win 'em all, Drew

Any hardcore Property Brothers fan knows the running joke on the show is that Drew doesn't ever lift a finger for manual labor. He sticks to wheelin' and dealin' in his fresh-pressed suits while Jonathan handles the heavy lifting. However, when Drew creeps into a kitchen during demo day, Jonathan hands him a sledgehammer and tells him to take a literal whack at working. His rustiness shows a bit, though, because his "one swing, one shot" promise doesn't exactly pan out in this blooper. 

In all fairness, Drew does have some serious renovation skills, which certainly show up on Drew and Jonathan's spin-off show, Brother vs. Brother. And in an interview with C'mon, Get Crafty, Drew made sure to set the record straight, insisting, "I know how to get my hands dirty on a construction site." Since the brothers both have a background in the field, Drew says that "most everything Jonathan does, I can do." 

Jonathan's face says it all

Everyone bungles their words at some point or another, but most of us don't have to worry about the added pressure of television crews being around when we get tongue-tied. In this blooper, Jonathan graciously (not to mention surprisingly) lets it slide when Drew gets flustered and instead of saying "renovate their fixer-upper" says "fix their renovator-upper." Well, Jonathan sort of lets it slide. His facial expression pretty much says everything that needs to be said in that moment. 

Still, the slip-up and Jonathan's subtle response to it hints that — outside of all of the pranks and prodding — these guys really love each other. In an interview with Reader's Digest Canada, they admitted as much when asked what they miss most about living together (now that they both live with their significant others). "Whenever I would be home, we would get to hang out and chat like when we were kids. I miss that," Drew said. Aw!  

Sibling rivalry at its finest

Judging by this behind-the-scenes blooper, Drew and Jonathan definitely have fun haranguing each other while filming Property Brothers. First, Jonathan obviously arranges to have the boom mic drop down in front of Drew's head. Then, in retaliation, Drew bops his antagonistic bro right in the face with it. Bless this show's director, Cheryl Zalameda, because it stands to reason that "set mom" is somewhere in her job description.

As for the Scott brothers' actual parents, well, it was their idea for the boys to go into show business in the first place. In an interview with NPR, Drew explained that the pair had always been "entertainers as kids." One of their many jobs in that vein was as literal clowns. "We had all this energy, so our parents figured, 'Go be clowns and get rid of the energy, so by the time you come home you're calmed down a bit,'" Drew said. That explains a lot, no?