The Step Pat McGrath Never Skips When Applying Eyeshadow

The eyes are said to be the gateway to the soul, which might be why we spend so much time focusing on how to accentuate them using any number of beauty hacks for stunning eyes. Eye makeup — from shadow and liner to mascara and even false eyelashes — is a huge facet of the beauty industry, Pat McGrath is an expert when it comes to creating the most beautiful and innovative makeup looks, so much so that she has her own makeup range. Most beauty enthusiasts wouldn't think twice about accepting her advice when it comes to makeup, and for good reason. In fact, she recently revealed a shortcut for creating perfect eyeshadow using a common household item.

Cosmetic tape has gained popularity in the beauty world in recent years in regard to eye makeup. If you want the sharpest application you can get, you should consider using the tape method when applying eyeliner. However, tape isn't only good for lining your lids. McGrath has adapted the tape hack for the rest of her lids, too. And to McGrath, this step is so important that she makes sure never to overlook it.

Pat McGrath uses eye tape to get a clean eyeshadow look

Have you ever applied eye shadow carefully, only to find specs of your glittery, colorful powder all over the rest of your face too? That's the issue makeup artist Pat McGrath sought to avoid. You're probably familiar with the practice of using eye tape to get the perfect cut crease when applying eyeshadow. However, that isn't the only use for it.

First, whether you are going for a dramatic, eye-catching look or your everyday makeup routine, you'll want to be mindful of how you apply. "When applying your eyeshadow, use a light hand and apply the product in small, buildable layers," McGrath advised (per Refinery29). "This will allow you to achieve the desired intensity of color without over-applying the shadow, which can cause fallout." But it's the next step McGrath takes that makes her eye makeup routine stand out.

After applying her shadow, McGrath presses a piece of eye tape against her shadowed lid to keep extra powder and pigment from falling onto other parts of her face. You may find it counterintuitive, but the loose eye shadow powder could create smudges you won't want later in the day.

Be sure to use cosmetic tape and not Scotch tape

While we're constantly looking for convenient ways to look our best, don't try to use your regular tape for this eyeshadow hack. Even though tape can help you get the look you want to achieve, it can seriously irritate your skin, Dendy Engelman, M.D., told Byrdie. "Tape tugs on the skin when you remove it, which over time can lead to loose skin and even permanent lines and wrinkles. When you remove the tape, you also risk damaging or pulling off the uppermost layers of the skin, which can cause redness, irritation, or even, in worse cases, discoloration of the injured area."

It's important that you apply the tape carefully and take your time removing it so that you're not causing unnecessary stress on the skin. If you're going to use McGrath's tape method — or any tape for makeup at all — be sure to use safe cosmetic tape and use a light hand to reduce chances of irritation.