15 Ear And Nose Piercing Ideas You're Going To Want To Steal

Getting a piercing is a big decision. From choosing the placement to keeping it clean and fighting off infections, there is a ton of time and maintenance that goes into having a healthy, fashionable piercing.

If you thought that ear and facial piercings were a new trend, think again: Piercings actually date back over 5,000 years! According to Tribu, the earliest human remains ever found had stretched and/or pierced earlobes. It is believed that early civilizations and native tribes would pierce their bodies with metal to ward off evil spirits. Later, gold piercings were introduced so that men could flaunt their wealth, wearing gold jewelry in their ears, lips, and tongues (via Marie Claire).

Piercings have had many different cultural and religious meanings through the years, but these days, most people get all types of body piercings simply because they like the look of them. With so many different combinations of piercings available, the possibilities are endless. But before you step into your local Claire's for a simple stud piercing, consider these unique nose and ear ideas you might want to try instead. 

Outline your ear with these super cute studs

Why stop at just one ear piercing when you can line your whole ear with cute jewelry? We love this look that TikTok user @reema.roxanne put together, placing all her cutest earrings in size order from her biggest stud at her earlobe to her smallest stud at her helix. With eight piercings total, her ear is perfectly blinged out. The moon detail on her fourth piercing adds another element of personal style that we're totally obsessed with. 

Add to your blinged out ear with a sideburn piercing

If you're in the market for an outside-the-box piercing, try a piercing outside the ear. Sideburn piercings, actually known as surface piercings, are all the rage right now and include a double piercing placed under layers of skin, per FreshTrends. Sideburn piercings are placed a few inches away from the ear, where the hair known as sideburns would normally grow. This unique chrome look by @ladyrecall_piercing is a great example.

If you're looking for something unique, try a bridle bar

To get a bridle bar, a piercing artist must place a needle through your upper nostril on either side of your nose and then secure the bar with two studs. According to Byrdie, these types of piercings are pretty painful, but the results are awesome. Instagram user @aesthetics_alternative shared their nose piercing combo complete with a bridle bar about the rook of the nose, a rhinestoned septum piercing, and two symmetrical lower nostril piercings on each side. 

Channel your inner animal with these faux rhino nose piercings

Highlight the tip of your nose with these fierce faux rhino piercings! While rhino piercings are traditionally placed in the middle of the nose through the septum, this piercing enthusiast shared their unique design on Instagram, where things got "a little weird and fun." They chose to complement his double nostril piercing with spiky studs placed lower on the nose to create the effect of a rhino piercing without the high nostril placement. We've never seen a combination quite like this one! 

What's better than one daith piercing? Two!

When it comes to piercings, the more, the merrier! Daith piercings, or piercings inside the inner cartilage of your ear, are a popular piercing that adds dimension and complexity. Piercer @dorianexplorian shared their client's double piercing masterpiece on Instagram with the caption, "We're both stoked about how it came out!" We love how the black layered hoops compliment the single stub on the client's earlobe, letting the daith piercing take the spotlight. 

This silver hooped moment is everything

Highlight your favorite reptile with this cute snake stud! Instagram user @piercedbyamanda_ shared this stunning pierced ear, complete with three lobe piercings, an orbital conch piercing, and a helix piercing. What we love the most about this combo is the jewelry selection. The large silver hoops at the end create a sleek look that complements the rainbow hoop perfectly. The middle ear piercing highlights a green gem while the highest piercing features an adorable jeweled serpent. 

Make a big statement with small gold hoops

If you are looking for a unique nose piercing but you're into the simpler styles, consider a double nostril piercing. Instagrammer @sadupiercingclt shared a stunning nostril piercing design on Instagram featuring two gold hoops below a gold stud, all on the left nostril. The design is elegant and simple while still making a statement. The hoops can also be swapped out for studs to create a triangle design on the nostril, which is another great minimalist piercing combination.

This industrial bar completes the whole pierced ensemble

If you're looking for a piercing that makes a statement, consider an industrial piercing! @Piercingbysarah shared her client's pierced ear on Instagram, and it's a total work of art. From the silver hoops to the tragus stud, the look is completed with a vertical industrial piercing cutting through the ear. The heart detailing on the industrial bar shows off the soft side of the otherwise chrome exterior. 

This dainty ear piercing combo is a fan favorite

Earrings are a great way to express yourself. Choosing studs that show off your interests, and the ability to celebrate your uniqueness is one of the best parts of having multiple piercings. Not only do we love the placement of this pierced ear combo that @piercer.charlie.creations shared on Instagram, we adore each stud! The floral details are dainty and feminine, combined with a diamond lightning bolt and a moon. The heart-shaped sideburn piercing completes the look, making for a totally Instagrammable piercing.

Try a double septum piercing for twice the drama

Septum piercings have taken the world of facial jewelry by storm in recent years, but the piercing style has actually been popular for centuries, dating back to ancient Native American and African tribe practices, per Tribu. If you are looking for a unique way to pierce your septum, try a double septum piercing! Instagram user @livewireva shared their septum piercing created with dual silver hoops next to a nostril stud piercing. The simplicity of this combination is inspiring; we can only imagine how awesome different-sized hoops would look together too!

We can't get enough of this minimalist piercing design

Whoever said piercings can't be classy hasn't seen this stunning piercing combination. This gorgeous ear design is another work of art from Instagram user @piercer.charlies.creations. The daith piercing and forward helix pairing complement each other so well with the mixture of gold and diamonds. The mixed metal detailing continues down her ear with multiple starburst designs and a pair of hoops. The jewelry and piercing placement make this the perfect look for any occasion.

For our maximalists, this piercing combo is off the chain

If subtle isn't your style, check out this pierced ear decked out in dainty gold chains and colorful gems. Instagrammer @piercer.charlies.creations can do it all from minimalist to maximalist, as evidenced by this amazing photo. The blue and green details are incorporated in both the hoops and the studs, which are complemented by multiple gold chains surrounding the ear and finished off with a few spiky accessories. Our hair might definitely get caught in this complex piercing, but it's definitely worth it. 

Ward off all the evil spirits with these nose studs

Nothing says "don't stand so close to me" like a dagger stud! By now, it's clear that we love a double piercing moment, and the added details on this nostril piercing @vic_the_impaler shared on Instagram make it extra badass. The stud may be tiny, but the dagger nose piercing tells anyone who gets too close not to mess with her. The stud alongside it is three linked chains. We can only imagine what that symbolizes for this awesome piercing enthusiast. 

These lobe piercings are perfectly aligned

If symmetry is more your style, you'll fall in love with this triple hoop and stud combination. This six-part piercing is another work of art by @piercer.charlies.creations, using dainty silver hoops and small diamond studs to create a piercing in perfect unison. We love how chic the ear looks as the earrings subtly rise up the lobe. If you're looking for a work-friendly piercing that still expresses your inner style, this look might be for you.

Incorporate a pop of color with this nose piercing combo

Not all nose piercings have to be studs or hoops. We can't get enough of how stunning this pierced nostril combo looks on Instagram user @modernmoodbodyjewelry. They are rocking two nostril piercings on one side with pink gems and mixed metals that dangle down slightly below the nostril. We love the movement and dimension that these piercings add to an already gorgeous face. A gold hoop on the other nostril and a gold septum dangles underneath, completing the look.