The Best Nail Color For Manifesting Abundance

Though many first heard of the idea of manifesting your dreams into reality when Oprah Winfrey talked about it on her show in the early 2000s, the concept of manifesting what you want into your life has become a more widely accepted practice in recent years. "You control a lot by your thoughts. When I started to figure that out ... I was like, What else can I do? What else can I manifest?" says Oprah (via Oprah Daily). "Because I have seen it work. I have seen it happen over and over again." 

Even if we aren't consciously manifesting, we're still doing it because our thoughts affect our actions."It's really powerful when we become aware enough to say: this is something I'd really like to experience in my life," empowerment coach and astrologer Natalia Benson told InStyle. "Let's say it's a job or a relationship or an amount of money or a feeling in your body. Manifestation is really about understanding what it is that you want for your own life experience, and then creating those outcomes."

Manifesting what you want might be easier than you realize, and there are some tricks to manifestation that go beyond just thinking positively. 

The nail color to use to manifest prosperity

Manifestation doesn't have to be a big undertaking. It can be as simple as placing small thoughts into your daily life to help attract what you want. It's often found in small details. Using color is one way to let the universe know what you want to attract, whether it be in clothes, makeup, or nail polish.

Manifestation expert and tarot card reader Bri Luna told Allure, "beauty rituals such as manicures can help boost your self-confidence, which in turn is helpful in setting an intention." Luna said that, although the color of money itself, green, may do the trick, gold is the ideal color for attracting abundance into your life as "gold is better for attraction to enhance and draw these enhancements to you because it represents wealth and reminds us of [coins] as well as luxury."

According to Your Tango, gold may even help solve existing money problems and help alleviate debt. You can also try using gold in key areas of your home and leaving your wallet next to the items. In the case of gold nails, you want to hold your wallet.

Other colors that can bring wealth

Author and color expert Walaa agrees that the colors we choose to use on our nails can help manifest abundance, telling Refinery29, "When we wear a certain color on our body, we're telling our nervous system and our unconscious mind, This is the energy I want to tune into. What I like to do is think about what I have coming up in the weeks ahead, figure out what I want to channel and what my intentions are, and use that to inform the color I choose."

Though gold may be directly linked to money, other colors can help you achieve it in a roundabout fashion. "Want a raise at work? Paint your nails red to give yourself the confidence to ask your boss for that promotion," Sarah Potter, a tarot reader and psychic medium, told Glamour

Similarly, to get a job you really want, consider wearing orange nail polish to the interview. "Orange is the color of creativity, which is why in many jobs in which people use their creative skill set, it's important to wear that color on their interview," said astrologer Lisa Stardust.