The Best Nail Color For Manifesting Confidence

Whether it's what to wear on a date or how to stand out in a job interview, there are multiple schools of thought on how we portray ourselves using colors. Whether they're inspired by natural phenomena, like a blue sky or yellow flowers, or emotions and qualities we've attached to them, we've made numerous mental associations with colors throughout history.

Though the color wheel is an inspiration far beyond the nail salon, self-expression through our acrylics, french tips, and coffin nails alike can help bolster our confidence in their own unique ways. But is a bold hue the superior manicure choice for an empowering week-to-come? And is there a specific shade that guarantees the highest success rate in our endeavors?

Whatever our nail polish colors reveal about us, we're using them to manifest our hopes and dreams. We often use our self-presentation as a means of constructing the persona we want to embody to the world. Whether you're going for a Kelly Kapoor, "the business b*tch," vibe for a job interview, or ready to rock a night of karaoke, the right nail color is crucial. 

Colors have their own inbuilt reputations

Confidence comes in many forms, just like the light waves that create our spectrum of visual colors. Colour Affects notes that there are four primary psychological colors; red, blue, yellow, and green (which is technically a secondary shade on the official color wheel). Green is unique in the natural world. According to National Geographic, "Chlorophyll gives plants their green color because it does not absorb the green wavelengths of white light." 

Yellow may seem too bright for some tastes because it is a long wavelength and therefore more stimulating than other colors, while red is the longest wavelength, which makes it appear the closest to our eyes. In the clothes we wear, colors are often associated with positive emotions. As Body and Soul argued, although it's generally believed that wearing certain colors can influence your mood, this isn't strictly true. 

Certain shades can signal your brain to release more dopamine, though, which may make you feel more positive overall. Several studies have examined which colors make us feel most attractive, for instance. One 2017 study tasked 180 German students with wearing blue or red shirts and then rating their own appearance. Ultimately, the experiment demonstrated that they felt more good-looking and even sexually appealing while wearing one color over the other. 

Science stands behind all shades of red

Seemingly proving TikTok's red nail theory, the German study revealed that red is a bold choice that draws people in. As Anne Berthold, a co-author of the study, explained to Psy Post: "It is worth noting that an underlying reason for the red-effect, in general, is the possibility that red color simply attracts attention to the red colored object — thus, the increase in attractiveness could just evolve from the fact that people start to notice the object/person and judge it/he/she."

Red has physiological effects elsewhere, too. According to a study cited by Semantic Scholar, whether red was artificially added to animals or if red markings were naturally produced by males — as testosterone-dependent signals — the color showed increased dominance in their social circles. Likewise, athletes wearing red were found to have a higher chance of winning than those wearing other colors. Knowing all this, the bold shade may just help you feel better throughout your day or give you an edge in the workplace. 

Indeed suggested that neutral colors like navy, black, and grey are the best options for an interview outfit, but red accents may communicate the confidence you need to push a first impression over the top — especially if you're applying for a leadership role. So, whether you're hitting the salon or staying home with Sally Hansen miracle gel or Emilie Heathe's nail artist polish, you're manifesting the confidence necessary to be your boldest self.