The Lizzo Manicure That Packed Four Fiery Nail Trends Into One

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Leave it to Lizzo to turn a simple manicure into a revolutionary nail moment. She wasn't just a nail trailblazer, she set her nails ablaze with a red-hot look that proves that this girl really is on fire all the way to her fingertips. 

According to Allure, on December 6th Lizzo attended the People's Choice Awards to accept a coveted honor: the People's Champion award. During her acceptance speech, the singer said, "I'm here tonight because to be an icon isn't about how long you've had your platform. Being an icon is what you do with that platform." Lizzo is the walking embodiment of that sentiment, and while her empowering words were definitely the star of the show that night, there was another star that graced the stage along with her — a manicure made for an icon.

You may have noticed Lizzo's nails as she clutched her golden award proudly during her speech; it was difficult to miss them. This manicure was there to make a statement. And, as always, from hair jewelry to smudgy liner, Lizzo wasn't afraid to embrace trends on her big night. Her nail look was no exception to this. But, this look wasn't just an homage to current nail trends, it was a perfect combination of all the modern manicures of the moment.

Why we love this manicure

Lizzo graced the People's Choice Awards stage wearing an Alexander McQueen ensemble that was, as she captioned her Instagram post about the look, "fit for a McQueen". Of course, as Lizzo had a jewelry-clad faux hawk and pared-down, smokey makeup to accompany her and her queenly 'fit to the stage, she needed a manicure to complete the ensemble. 

As any great trendsetter should, Lizzo has a go-to nail artist, Eri Ishizu, per Allure. In a press release, Ishizu shared her manicure inspo for the occasion, saying, "Tonight, Lizzo was being honored for such a special award as the People's Champion, and the nail look had to live up to just that. We created a unique nail art look using red, which celebrated Lizzo as the powerful and confident woman she is." 

It's true that Lizzo's modern art manicure was perfectly paired with her prestigious prize. It was also a manicure match made in heaven for Lizzo, because it managed to be fresh and unique while also staying flawlessly on-trend.

The perfect storm of nail trends

According to Seventeen, vibrant and varied nail art is going to remain wildly popular in 2023, just as it has been for the past few seasons. There are so many nail art trends everyone is asking for at the moment, and Lizzo and her nail artist, Eri Ishizu, incorporated quite a few into this single nail design. Per The Zoe Report, Ishizu explained that she opted for some classic OPI shades for the mani, explaining "I used the iconic shade Big Apple Red with a hint of Lincoln Park After Dark on the tip to complete her overall look." Ishizu finished with OPI's GelColor Stay Shiny Top Coat (via Allure).

In addition to the color, the long, sleek, stiletto-shaped nails that were incorporated into this mani are also on-trend. The glittery, "Euphoria"-inspired makeup of the past few years was represented with tiny pieces of gold foil and bejeweled tips on these vibrant nails too. And, last but hardly least, this entire look revolves around the modern French manicure, which puts a colorful, fun twist on the classic pale pink nail bed and white tip look. 

Trying out any one of these trends on your nails is a surefire way to look and feel fashion-forward and fabulous. And, putting them all together in the way Lizzo and Ishizu did makes for a true work of art.