12 Times The Royal Children Completely Stole The Show

If there's one thing the royals are known for, it's their dynamic children. When Prince William and Prince Harry were just tiny royals introduced to the world by then-Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, the duo were adopted into the minds and spirits of the Commonwealth. This feeling that the two princes were somehow a group project in raising certainly became more palpable after Diana's tragic death in 1997, something that Harry himself commented on during the press tour of his memoir, "Spare."


Noting that there was a feeling of parental guidance from the public after William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, tied the knot in 2011, Harry revealed that the members of the Commonwealth — for the most part — felt as though they were just as big a part of seeing him and his brother through to adulthood. That's the aspect of the royal family that is often overlooked — it is a fully operating family as well as an institution, and the public does feel a certain sense of ownership and obligation to its members, the royal children especially.

William has — of course — welcomed three children of his own and Harry two, though Harry keeps his children far more out of the spotlight and away from royal events as opposed to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The three Wales kids have had a knack for stealing the show on more than one occasion, and there are some standout moments that need special attention.


Prince George's first royal tour was full of standout moments

Any fan of "The Crown" knows that King Charles III and Diana Spencer famously took an infant Prince William to Australia in 1983. Royal children had not accompanied their parents on such tours before — with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip notably leaving their children behind for weeks at a time — but Diana changed the game completely, insisting that her young son come with her (via E! Online). The high-profile tour was certainly on the hearts and minds of royal watchers almost three decades later, when William and Catherine, then the Duchess of Cambridge, embarked on their royal tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014. Both Commonwealth countries, it came as no surprise that the dynamite royal couple would make their way down under — and like his mother before him — William brought a little Prince George along with him.


As noted by Vanity Fair at the time, George stole the spotlight away from his parents, and a few standout moments were caught on camera. At just eight months old, George wasn't around for every event and occasion, but people couldn't get enough when he was. The little royal was presented with a stuffed animal toy of a bilby, and though you might think a little kid would love such a toy, he immediately threw it to the floor. "He does love it, honestly," William retorted, possibly in an attempt to save face.

Princess Charlotte stole the show at the Commonwealth Games

It's always a treat when Prince William and Princess Catherine bring their children along with them for special occasions, but rarely do we see them focus a day or event on just one child in particular. Such was a special moment when William and Catherine brought Princess Charlotte — and left her brothers at home — to the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The young royal looked darling in a striped dress and braided hair, and her presence alone was exciting. But, as noted by Marie Claire, Charlotte quickly stole the show due to her expressive faces, engaged attitude, and obvious excitement for the game at hand.


Watching the swimming, hockey, and gymnastics events, Charlotte was spotted gasping, pulling at her two braids, making funny faces, and engaging with her mom while taking in the day's competitions. The pictures quickly circulated through the headlines and on social media, and royal watchers adored seeing the young princess so engaged.

Posting on Instagram after the event, William and Catherine thanked the games and the organizers for a wonderful event, but it was Charlotte that most of the comments in response referred to. "A fantastic day! Thank you for bringing Princess Charlotte," account @_britishroyals_ commented on the post, their sentiment echoed by fans and followers alike. "It was such a wonderful day!! I loved every second and what a treat for Princess Charlotte," another fan commented. "Thank you for surprising us with her today."


All eyes were on Prince Louis during this 2019 event

No list about standout moments from the royal children would be complete without Prince Louis. The youngest of the Wales kids, Louis has been stealing the show since he was an infant with his hilarious facial expressions and feisty personality. One of the earliest public sightings of Louis and his meme-worthy mannerisms came in 2019. Joining mom Princess Catherine, dad Prince William, two siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince George, as well as his uncle, Prince Harry, his aunt Meghan Markle, and his then-infant cousin Archie Mountbatten-Windsor at a charity polo event, Louis quickly transformed the day from horses and competition to one of cool, sunglass posing and hilarious antics.


As noted by The Cut at the time, Louis was still just a toddling baby at the time, but as soon as he stole his mom's sunglasses and started parading around the Billingbear Polo Club looking like he owned the place, the cameras — and the royal watchers — took notice. Waggling his tongue around, marching to the beat of his own drum, pointing ahead as though he knew exactly where he was going, and posing in an overall "I'm the coolest kid on the block" way, Louis stole the spotlight from literally everyone else despite the high profile royals in his company. The 2019 event marked one of the first times his hilarious personality hit the headlines, but it certainly wouldn't be the last.

George's first Trooping the Colour was hilarious

One of the first events that most royal children have participated in is the Trooping the Colour balcony appearance. A bit more contained than a carriage ride or a formal event, the famed balcony appearance during the late Queen Elizabeth II's reign marked one of Prince George's earlier standout moments — and luckily for all of us, it was caught on camera. As noted by People, George was just 22 months old when he appeared on the balcony for the Trooping event, capturing the hearts of everyone watching. Just days prior, he was spotted looking out of a Buckingham Palace window smiling and sticking out his tongue, so he was already establishing his silly side with the public.


When he did come out on the balcony just six weeks after his little sister, Princess Charlotte, was born, George sat in his dad's arms and enthusiastically waved to the onlookers as they cheered him on. Princess Catherine, who looked stunning as per usual, used the event as her first outing since welcoming Charlotte and, at one point, smiled at little George. The brief connection with his mom prompted the little royal to display his perfect royal wave once again, and the crowd couldn't get enough of it. Making the day even cuter was the fact that George wore the same baby blue outfit that his father, Prince William, wore when he made his debut on the Buckingham Palace balcony in 1984.

Louis' first Trooping the Colour similarly went viral

Just like his brother and sister before him, Prince Louis similarly made his Trooping the Colour debut on the Buckingham Palace balcony, and to say he stole the show is a bit of an understatement. As noted by Harper's Bazaar, Louis started the week off strong when his signature grumpy face was spotted looking out of the Buckingham Palace window, with Princess Charlotte clearly getting a kick out of it. When he did join his parents and the entire royal family on the balcony a few days later, Louis' viral-worthy facial expressions didn't stop there. At just 12 months old, Louis was hilarious and dynamic and showed off his royal wave enthusiastically while also casting his grumpy face on a few key members of the royal family — Camilla Parker Bowles in particular. Of course, Twitter took notice.


With his energetic waving hitting Camilla's broad hat in one particular instance on the balcony, Louis was at the center of a lot of Twitter commentary. "Camilla was really afraid of Prince Louis's waving game," one Twitter user commented, with another adding, "Lil Prince Louis was waving so hard, he almost took Camilla's hat right off," adding a "lol" for good measure. Of course, then-Prince Charles and his sister, Princess Anne, got a kick out of Louis' hilarious antics, and the family could be seen chuckling alongside the little prince and his meme-worthy moment.

Charlotte sweetly waved to the camera in this standout moment

Though the Wales children have been around for a minute now, it's still exciting to think back to when they were born. Welcoming a new baby into the family is always a special moment, but when it comes to the royal family, there comes a sense of togetherness that is rare. When Prince George was born, the country rallied around Prince William and Princess Catherine. When Princess Charlotte came along, the Commonwealth cheered as the line of succession continued to grow. When Prince Louis was welcomed in April 2018, the family of four transformed into a brood of five — and Charlotte gave the crowds the most adorable moment.


As noted by Town & Country at the time, Louis was born in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's hospital, just like his brother and sister had been welcomed. A few hours after Louis made his Earth-side debut, William quickly left the hospital, telling fans lining the streets that he'd return shortly. Sure enough, just a few moments later, William drove back to St. Mary's with George and Charlotte in tow, as it was time to meet their little brother! Charlotte was in an adorable blue dress, and George was in his school uniform, and they held their dad's hands as they climbed up the stairs. But, in a truly adorable moment, Charlotte turned around and waved to the crowds with the charm that only a tiny princess possesses.


Prince George met President Obama in the best way possible

It was the Atlantic crossover that we never knew we wanted but absolutely needed. In perhaps the cutest moment of international diplomacy, Prince George — who was then the third in line to the British throne — was introduced to sitting president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, and luckily for all of us, the moment was caught on camera. Not only was the two-year-old a little coy and definitely on stranger danger watch when meeting the lawmaker, but to make the moment that much more social media worthy, George just happened to be in his pajamas and tiny white robe — we swear this kid couldn't be any cuter.


As noted by Time, Jason Knauf — Prince William and Princess Catherine's spokesperson — admitted that George got permission to forego his usual bedtime to meet the president and first lady. The little prince was photographed shaking the president's hand while his dad crouched down and smiled, clearly letting his little son know that Obama was a friend.

In a sweet gesture, the president and first lady gifted George a beautiful wooden rocking horse. During the most important diplomatic meeting of the last century, George was photographed putting it to good use while the Obamas and his parents looked on.

Louis and grandpa King Charles shared this sweet moment during the queen's jubilee

Shortly before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, the Commonwealth celebrated her Platinum Jubilee — in many ways, it felt as though we were both marking her decades on the throne and saying goodbye to her, and as many expected, the royal family was out in full force. Though he is often kept away from public events — as his rambunctious personality clearly demonstrates — Prince Louis did join his parents and siblings during a jubilee concert honoring the queen. Of course, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were on their best behavior, but Louis left little to be desired — he was seen pulling funny faces at his mom, tugging on her hair, climbing on her lap, and generally causing the havoc that only a four-year-old can.


But, in a sweet moment caught on camera, Louis suddenly ran down the theater aisle and plopped himself down on then-Prince Charles' lap. Not at all taken aback by his grandson's affection, Charles placed his head on the tiny royal's shoulder, and the moment was truly such a standout display of affection.

"How utterly charming that was," an insider told People after the cute moment was shared between Louis and Charles. "When you consider that he has been said to be a remote parent, to see him do that was charming. It was lovely to see his other grandfather enjoying time with him."

William and George matched for this adorable moment

Remember when Princess Charlotte waved to the crowd when she, Prince George, and their dad Prince William made their way up the stairs of St. Mary's hospital? Well, she followed in her brother's famous footsteps, as little George sported a similar wave when he and William made their way into the hospital after Charlotte was born. Hello! noted that William was spotted leaving the Lindo Wing and made a quick trip to nearby Kensington Palace. About 10 minutes later, the proud dad of two (as Prince Louis wasn't on the scene yet) showed up with a little George in tow, ready to meet his new little sister!


Although George was still a little tot at the time, it appeared the plan was for the young prince to walk on the sidewalk with his dad and climb the stairs into the hospital. But with crowds, paparazzi, and all the noise that comes with being a royal, little George was clearly spooked. In a sweet moment, William picked up his young son and carried him past the crowds.

To make the moment even sweeter, William — who, of course, is part of a family that doesn't show much affection — kissed George on the side of the head. Clearly bolstered by his dad's presence, George then waved to the crowd before they headed inside. Did we mention that William and George were wearing matching outfits? Too cute.


Charlotte stole the show during her first Trooping the Colour

Do all the royal children steal the show during their debut on the Buckingham Palace balcony during Trooping the Colour? The short answer — yes. When Princess Charlotte was just a year old, she joined her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and the royal family on the balcony to celebrate the monarch's birthday. The queen was 90 in 2016 — the year Charlotte made her debut — and to see so many generations of royals in one place was a sight. While the queen was marking a huge milestone, Charlotte warmed the hearts of everyone watching. As noted by Vanity Fair, Charlotte looked adorable in a little pink dress, with her hair carefully pinned back with a pink bow. Perched in her mother's arms, Charlotte enthusiastically waved to the crowd as the day's celebrations were underway, clearly holding nothing back — Prince Louis would, of course, follow in similar steps.


As for her older brother, George looked like he was not having a good time, and the then-3-year-old was ready to go home. Of course, he looked adorable and even wore the same blue and white outfit that his father, Prince William, wore in 1984 while attending Prince Harry's christening. Charlotte was quick to wave, and George was ready to call it a day — either way, 2016 Trooping the Colour was made a spectacle thanks to the royal children.

One of George's first meme-worthy moments came in 2017

Though Prince George may not realize it, he is a social media celebrity. Many of the young prince's expressive faces pulled have turned into meme-worthy content, and one event materialized in 2017. As noted by People, George was attending — you guessed it — Trooping the Colour with his mom, dad, and younger sister when he pulled the ultimate "I'm so bored, get me out of here" face. Resting his head on his hand while leaning up against the Buckingham Palace balcony, no one could deny that the young royal was ready to call it a day. Only when he looked up at Princess Charlotte and enthusiastically waved was George looking at all chuffed to be there, and his grumpy little face quickly turned into a viral sensation.


To make a hilarious moment and meme-worthy expression much better, George managed to one-up himself just a few years later, repeating almost the same facial expression at the same event (via Harper's Bazaar). Some of George's other moments — including when he cutely posed while climbing onto a large truck to when he was compared to a football team manager during Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee — have gone just as viral, keeping George very much at the center of social media culture, per Independent. We want to know if he secretly has an Instagram or Twitter account so he can see just how much of a viral icon he truly is.

Louis made it clear he was over the hype in 2022

Any parent will admit that getting their young child to pay attention to an event that isn't tailored to them or stand still is nearly impossible. When it comes to Prince Louis, the notoriously rambunctious prince isn't exactly known for his well-behaved mannerisms, and his hilarious personality was displayed during the Trooping the Colour in 2022. As noted by NBC's "Today," Louis wavered from incredibly intrigued to mind-numbingly bored throughout the day, waving at the planes one second to hilariously covering his ears and screaming the next. His siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, stood beside him and kept their game faces on — though they've acted their age at Trooping events in the past, Louis didn't get the hint. He bounced from waving emphatically to the crowd to looking like he was ready to take a nap — a whole mood.


At one point during the event, Princess Catherine — an ever-doting mom — had to crouch down to Louis' level and get him to stop leaning so much on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Clearly over his mom's rules, Louis strolled up to Queen Elizabeth II herself, ready to jump into conversation instead of taking in the Royal Air Force display.

Obviously ready to call it a day, Louis got one more wave out to the crowd before being ushered back into the palace.