Does Hair Minimizing Cream Actually Work?

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From shaving to sugar waxing and occasional lasering, there are many ways to remove unwanted body hair. However, the worst part about all of these methods is that the hair grows back pretty quickly. After the time and money put into these attempts to get smooth, hairless skin, it can be frustrating to realize you're caught in a never-ending battle against your follicles. 


Although it's a myth that hair grows back thicker once it's been removed, the bottom line is that it does indeed come back, and when it does, it can often appear to be thicker and darker than it actually is, explains Mayo Clinic. For people with hair that's coarse and that grows quickly, this can require them to find ways to remove it more often than others. 

Lasering can be a way to remove hair permanently, but it's not guaranteed and can be a long, painful, and expensive experience that's not feasible or attractive to many people. Instead, many people turn to hair minimizing creams to slow hair growth and thin the strands that do grow. However, do they actually work? 

How do hair minimizing creams work?

Through the use of plant enzymes, hair minimizing creams modify the structure of the hair follicle, resulting in less hair growth that is thinner in texture (via Popsugaropsugar). Used after the hair has already been removed, hair minimizers, or inhibitors, are applied to decrease the amount of hair that you'll have to remove next time. They're not meant to serve as a permanent way to remove hair.


Just as with lasering, results will be quicker and more visible with people that have lighter, finer hair. Hair minimizer creams perform best in conjunction with waxing or plucking, reports PopSugar. Since the cream works at the root of a follicle, the hair must be completely removed before applying. Since shaving only removes hair at the surface of the skin, you'll likely see fewer results from hair minimizing creams using this method.

Although they're not a permanent solution, hair minimizing creams and lotions are a great option for people who are constantly turning to shaving or waxing in order to remove hair. For people who constantly struggle with stopping ingrown hairs, these creams can reduce the frequency of these painful growths. Since they also help to thin the strands, hair minimizing products can prevent the itchy bumps caused by the regrowth of thick, coarse hair (via Medical News Today).


The best hair minimizing creams to try

Known for its body butters and sugar scrubs, Tree Hut's Hair Minimizing Body Butter is an underrated star product of the brand. Formulated with Gymnema Sylvestre, a botanical extract, the body butter helps to slow down the growth of hair, while leaving a trail of lime and coconut notes. Suitable for sensitive skin, this moisturizing butter is made with shea and coconut butter.


The Completely Bare Don't Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor reduces hair growth with its moisturizing formula. Made with shea butter to lock in hydration and willow bark to soothe the skin and prevent razor bumps, this affordable moisturizer is perfect for ingrown hair.

For a light, non-greasy formula, the Gigi Slow Grow Hair Inhibitor Lotion is a lightweight yet moisturizing lotion that effectively slows down hair growth and thins it out, resulting in fewer shaves and waxes. Created with argan oil, the formula cuts down on sebum and excess oil, leaving you with smoother skin.