The Relationship Between You And Your Manicurist Matters, According To A Manifestation Expert

Have you ever wondered what your chosen nail color means? Well, as it turns out, the shade could have spiritual significance. Commonly described as glamour magic, using beauty with intention is an established part of modern-day witchcraft, according to Dazed, which extends to things like nail color symbolism and ritualistic manicure practices. If you're unfamiliar, Bri Luna, manifestation expert and creative director of The Hoodwitch, explains the connection between manicures and magic. 

As she stated in an interview with Allure: "Beauty rituals such as manicures can help boost your self-confidence, which in turn is helpful in setting an intention." These intentions are often expressed through color, with the associations of certain shades used to produce a desired outcome. For example, a TikTok clip explains how yellow is a good color for manifesting joy and happiness, while pink is optimal for self-love and confidence. Likewise, certain nail colors are best for manifesting abundance and prosperity, too.

Choosing your shade with intention and being visually reminded of it every time you look down at your nails is a form of manifestation. If you're a spiritual person, then using everyday choices and habits to invite positivity into your life will be nothing new. However, a manicure's spirituality can extend beyond your selected nail color and shape, as your relationship with your manicurist can affect the outcome of your practices too. 

The importance of a good manicurist to your manifestations

Beyond impacting the design of your manicure, choosing the right nail tech also has implications for the outcome of your intentions. As Bri Luna informed Allure, the act of manicuring transfers energy between the client and the nail tech. If you're unfamiliar, energy plays a vital role in manifestations. Amy Wax, a color expert and consultant, defines manifestation as: "Making a conscious decision to shift all of our positive energy to believe something will happen, essentially wishing it to be until it actually comes true" (via Real Simple).

While intention-setting rituals are typically concerned with our personal energy, it makes sense that inviting someone to participate in such a practice would allow their energy to influence the process. Because the act of manicuring is commonly considered quite intimate, per Stylist, your nail-based manifestation may be especially persuaded by the energy your nail tech is putting into the action.

In this way, a negative or positive connection between you and your manicurist can influence your manifestations by affecting the energy channeled into your intentions. If glamour magic is something you're interested in practicing, then you should take steps to form a solid, positive relationship with your nail tech. 

Tips for finding the nail tech that works best for you

You can take a few steps to prevent negative energy from influencing your salon-set manifestations. For one, you can put conscious effort into choosing a salon and manicurist that really work well for you. As this TikTok video lays out, researching your nail salon and technician before committing to an appointment is crucial so you can find someone who is willing and skilled enough to create the design you want. On top of this, effective communication between a client and a manicurist is also vital, making your intention-setting easier in the process. 

You could also consider visiting a spiritually-oriented nail salon to better facilitate your manifestations. For instance, celebrity nail artist and clean beauty product developer Mazz Hanna told NAILS all about her specialized manicure and pedicure services, which incorporate aromatherapy and crystal healing into nail sessions for emotional relief.

Similarly, celebrity manicurist Tracylee Percival uses Reiki in all of her services, underscoring the energy element of the manicure dynamic (via Nail Pro). While you may not be able to nail down these celebrity manicurists for your own regular appointments, it could be beneficial to research spiritual-based salons near you to fuel your glamour magic.