D'Arcy Carden On Why Filming Shotgun Wedding Was 'Not As Cute As You Think It Might Be' - Exclusive

Many of us spend time at our desks daydreaming about being on a tropical island instead. For the cast of "Shotgun Wedding," working on the film felt like a vacation. When D'Arcy Carden was offered the role of Harriet, "It was one of the easiest yeses I've ever said," the "Good Place" star said during an exclusive interview with The List.

The cast — made up of major names like Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Cheech Marin, Jennifer Coolidge, and Lenny Kravitz — all lived together in a beach house in the Dominican Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring the action-comedy film to life. Between the incredible co-stars, beautiful costumes, and breathtaking scenery, Carden knew she was in for the experience of a lifetime.

"Shotgun Wedding" is full of adorable moments as Lopez's and Duhamel's characters make their way to the aisle. However, Carden admits that there are many other moments in the movie that just weren't as magical to make. "When you get down to it, it's spending three weeks in the pool for however many hours a day," Carden told us. "It's not as cute as you think it might be."

Filming for long hours in a pool was 'gross'

As soon as the wedding guests are taken hostage, the band of pirates takes them all to a nearby pool to keep track of them all. There, the characters are forced to wait out the rest of the wedding as the gun-wielding men's demands are being met.

Getting paid to hang out in a pool all day — with a gorgeous view of the ocean right behind you — doesn't sound like it should be all that bad. However, we all know what happens to someone's skin when they spend way too much time in the water. "After the first couple days, you're a little pruny and a little soggy, and maybe your skin is reacting weird to the water or the sunburn or whatever," D'Arcy Carden explained of the experience. "You have to hunker down."

While she admits that the water was a nice temperature, jumping into the same pool each day in the exact same costume was "gross," Carden said, laughing.

However, being surrounded by A-list stars and beautiful scenery made the situation a lot more bearable. "Every time we would get to complaining about it, it was easy to turn around and be like, 'No, no, no. Look where we are. We could be doing the same job in the snow or in the desert,'" Carden told The List. "So we were very, very lucky. It's the smallest thing to complain about."

"Shotgun Wedding" is available to stream now, exclusively on Prime Video.