Say Howdy To The Westerncore Fashion Aesthetic This Spring

Regardless of your niche interests and fashion preferences, there's a "core" aesthetic for you. Are you obsessed with the color pink? You'll love Barbiecore clothes and accessories. Prefer to frolic in a field of wildflowers after making homemade dough? Check out this guide to achieving the cottagecore aesthetic. Whether it's your style, the way you decorate your home, or the music you jam out to — trust, there's a "core" subgenre out there for you to enjoy. 


If you resonate with the cowgirl/cowboy style, then saddle up, because westerncore is headed your way this spring. In fact, westerncore has already made a decent name for itself, with #Westerncore collecting 3 million views and counting on TikTok. It's no surprise, seeing as "disco cowgirl" is considered one of the trendiest bachelorette party themes, according to Elle, with gaggles of stylish girlies posting their western-inspired looks all over social media within the last few years.

Or, maybe we could thank the hit TV show "Yellowstone" for inspiring Americans to embrace western culture and style (via The Guardian). But regardless of the source material, you'll be seeing a lot of westercore fashion in 2023, and we're here to give you all the inspiration you need to embrace the look in all its rodeo-ready glory. From denim and fringe to hats and boots — it's time to say howdy to the westerncore fashion aesthetic this spring.


These (cowboy) boots were made for walkin'

Cowboy boots are the trendy boot everyone should be adding to their closet in 2023, with Vogue calling them "the standout footwear trend of 2022." And if the cowboy boot comes in white? Even better. 

There's nothing more stylish than a structured pair of white leather cowgirl boots, as seen on the fashion-forward @sydneyhopeee in an Instagram post. No need to deck the entire look out in western staples! She paired the boots with denim shorts and a green button-up top, with only one button secured at the chest for a chic and modern vibe. 


Fringe staple pieces

Fringe is practically synonymous with western style. Seen on bags, jackets, pants, belts, hats, and nearly any staple you can fit it on, fringe takes an ordinary fashion piece and transforms it into a westerncore staple. 


Take a peek at this gorgeous fringe jacket shared in an Instagram post by @revor_vintage. The jacket is paired with a plaid skirt and fuzzy white cut-out crop top, proving that you can successfully — and tastefully — mix westerncore with Y2K trends.

Prairie dresses for the romantic trendsetters

For those looking to take a soft and feminine approach to the westerncore aesthetic, you'll love prairie dresses. A timeless Old West fashion staple, prairie dresses entered the chat a few years ago and haven't left. Although they may have been considered a questionable fashion decision people made in 2021, they patiently waited for westerncore to pop up before going full-force, and now they're trendier than ever. 


Check out these romantic dresses shared in a TikTok video by @70srose, which are the perfect mix of traditional and modern. Full of ruffles, lace, billowy sleeves, and high necklines, these quintessential western prairie dresses are perfect for sunny spring weather.

A modern twist on a cowboy neckerchief scarf

Cowboys love their neckerchiefs. Not because they are fashionable, of course, but because they are a "practical accessory" used for protection from the elements, DIY bandages, rags, and more, according to Ranchlands. And if there's one thing trendsetters are good at, it's taking practical items and making them fashionable. 


Today, westerncore fashionistas take a chic approach and tie a silk scarf around the neck, as seen in this snap shared on Instagram by @fashioncanadians. The model paired the scarf with a white billowy long-sleeve top and jeans for a stylish westerncore get-up.

Lightweight denim button-ups for breezy spring days

Some would argue that denim jackets are always in style, and we tend to agree. But when it comes to westerncore, we're seeing a lot of denim on top, particularly in the form of lightweight denim button-up shirts. 


Combine the staple with a pair of light-wash denim jeans for a trendy denim-on-denim look, like @billy_j_boutique rocked in this Instagram post. You can't go wrong with a heavy denim jacket for those breezier spring days, especially when paired with denim on the bottom for a cohesive, western vibe.

Elevate your bottoms with a western belt

A westerncore ensemble wouldn't be complete without a classic belt. Typically seen with leather material and large buckles, a western belt is an accessory that ties the entire look together. 

You could go the traditional route and wear a classic chunky belt, or reach for a fun chain-style one, as seen in this gorgeous westerncore look shared by @shopwesterngold on TikTok. She paired her belt with a trendy cow print skirt adorned with fringe. 


For those who prefer a simpler style, you can pair your outfit with a thin-strapped leather belt with a small buckle and still complete the look.

A classic cowboy hat to top it off

Beanies, baseball caps, visors, and berets — hats are thoughtful accessories that provide stylish comfort, no matter the weather. And while topping your look off with a cowgirl hat may sound intimidating to those who don't often wear one, the classic cowboy accessory is sure to elevate your westerncore ensemble. 


Even if you're rocking a simple blazer and jeans, you can still pair the look with a cowboy hat and look stylish. That's what fashion and lifestyle blogger @kyriekillen did in this look shared on Instagram, giving a gorgeous mix between western wear and 2023 fashion.

Rhinestone cowgirl-approved flare jeans

Denim jeans are an essential western staple, especially if the fit is bootcut or flare. The cowboys typically go for a bootcut look, while the cowgirls opt for flare jeans like @willowboutique___ shared in a TikTok video


Of course, fashion has no gender, and anybody can rock either style, as long as the fabric fits the westerncore aesthetic: denim (duh). Whether you're a western wear pro or just dipping your toes in the trend, wearing a pair of denim jeans is the simplest way to join in on the fun.