The Best Barbiecore Clothes And Accessories For 2022

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From cottagecore to regencycore, we've had several thematic trends pop up in the past year. If prairies and palaces aren't your aesthetic, though, the latest trend may just interest you — Barbiecore. For many who reminisce of the simpler times before social media, playing with Barbies was the ultimate hobby to look forward to on a rainy day during the '90s, before dial-up Internet became a household staple. Whether it was the various couture-like outfits you could style her in, her loyal friends and family members who loved her, or even the numerous career paths she succeeded in, there was something about Barbie that just made her the OG "girl's girl."

Fans of Barbara Millicent Roberts were excited to see photos of Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken) from the set of the upcoming "Barbie" movie. The pictures featuring Robbie in a pink cowgirl outfit set off a fashion trend called Barbiecore — a capsule wardrobe based on high-fashion clothes and accessories that Barbie would wear, focusing on monochromatic pink looks or pops of bright pink (per Mattel Creations).

Of course, Barbie's look has evolved over the years. The first Barbie wore an iconic black-and-white striped one-piece swimsuit, per History Channel. She went through several style transformations including a blue one-piece she wore as "Malibu Barbie" in the '70s and the ultra-chic Y2K ensembles during the "Fashion Fever" era. Considering the aspirational fashionista that Barbie is, we compiled a list of all-encompassing wardrobe additions that reflect various facets of Barbie's unique style.

This pinky-peach tweed dress is a brunch staple

Looking pretty in pink is one of the easiest beginning steps to take as you build your Barbiecore wardrobe. But don't worry if you find fuchsia to be too bold of a pink for you to wear. WikiHow also recommends going with a pastel pink if you want to try the Barbiecore trend. If you're easing into the trend, it's a great way to tone things down and still emulate a more classic, elegant Barbie style (per College Fashion).

If you want to bring back the style of the vintage Barbies from the 1960s while channeling the ultra-trendy early Y2K vibes of Fashion Fever-era Barbie, then you should buy the Karl Lagerfeld Paris Tweed Shift Dress. This pinky-peach tweed dress will give you all the class of old-school Barbie, and all the sass of the early-2000s. The fitted dress comes up to the knee and has two decorative pockets that have golden accent buttons. Wear this and just like Hillary Duff asks in the Fashion Fever commercials, all your friends will be asking, "Where did you get that?" on your next brunch hang-out with the girls. 

Buy the Karl Lagerfeld Paris Tweed Shift Dress from Amazon starting at $102.66

Sizes: 0-16 | Color: Clementine

The tulle hot pink dress that gives ballerina Barbie vibes

If you loved all things Barbie when you were growing up, then chances are you may have read some Barbie books such as "Dance, Ballerina." In the book, Barbie talks about the time her sister Skipper was upset when she didn't get the main role in a ballet performance. The lesson of the story is that every part is important to a story, no matter how minor the role may seem.

While you don't have to be in the spotlight to shine, there are some occasions where you might want to channel "main character" energy. For those times, you should wear the Fashion Nova Tulle Mini Dress in Hot Pink. This fancy dress consists of layers of hot pink tulle with the bottom portion even resembling a ballerina tutu. Mattel Creations, the company that owns Barbie, even says, "Wearing bright Barbie pink is a bold expression of joy and self-confidence." So don't worry if you don't get the part of the lead role — you can at least still dress the part, and have all eyes on you.

Buy the Fashion Nova Tulle Mini Dress in Hot Pink for $58.99.

Sizes: XS-3X | Color: Hot Pink

The Skipper-approved pink bermuda shorts

True Barbie fans know that she has four younger sisters — including Skipper and Kelly. On her YouTube channel, Barbie describes her sister Skipper as an adventurous, edgy girl with an independent streak. For the intrepid doll, dressing for comfort is key to being able to explore the world. That's why for those who may find Barbie's wardrobe to be more high-maintenance, you may find Skipper's style more laid-back and easy-going.

While Skipper's clothes feel comfy, she also manages to look stylish. According to the blog called How Retro, Ruth Handler (the creator of Barbie) wanted to make sure that Skipper's wardrobe kept up with all the latest fashion trends and were of the best quality. If you want to adopt Skipper's "carefree couture" style, then you should definitely start with the Juicy Couture Pacific High Rise Acid Wash Shorts in Calypso Coral. 

These coral-pink denim shorts feature an acid-wash splatter effect, and the fabric has stretch to it. The best part is that if you're prone to getting into trouble like Skipper, then these shorts can easily go into the washing machine for a cold wash cycle.

Buy the Juicy Couture Pacific High Rise Acid Wash Shorts for $40.80.

Sizes: 24-32 | Color: Calypso Coral

This crop top screams Barbie Girl

If you want to be able to go from your morning yoga class to getting that PSL from Starbucks, all while looking cute, then you should definitely think of going with a cute sporty crop top. The PUMA Women's X Barbie Crop Top is the perfect combination of a sports bra with a cute trendy midriff top. The racerback design features a cutout in the front and back, providing ample support for even your toughest workout.

The black top features a pink PUMA label and "Barbie" printed several times on the fabric in gray. This crop top perfectly complements black leggings, but can also be worn with other separates for a "Sporty Spice" vibe. In fact, College Fashion recommends pairing a crop top like this one with mom jeans and a pink blazer for a trendy Barbiecore look. If you really want to bring back the '90s, you can even try putting pink butterfly clips into your hair. Go from getting a workout to picking up take-out with this multi-tasking crop top.

Buy the PUMA Women's X Barbie Crop Top from Amazon for $19.95.

Sizes: XS-XL | Color: Puma Black

This chic jacket is the ultimate Barbie style moment

Now that the weather is cooling as the Northern Hemisphere experiences autumn, looking cute and staying cozy may feel like an extra challenge. But wearing fall clothes doesn't mean you have to look drab. The PUMA Women's X Barbie Full-Zip Hoodie is the perfect choice of outerwear that will not compromise feeling comfy or looking cute.

The black jacket features a full zipper, while the length comes down well past the back, so you won't have to worry about catching a draft! The sleeves feature a gray satin ribbon with "Barbie" printed continuously in black on the ribbon. The ribbons on either side tie into a bow on the end of the sleeves and help add a delicate doll-like touch to the ultra-versatile jacket. One Amazon customer gave the jacket five stars and said, "Needless to say, I love it. It IS a very long jacket. I ordered an xl and noticed its oversized but the length of the sleeves fit me perfectly so I'm glad I didn't size down."

Buy the PUMA Women's X Barbie Full Zip Hoodie from Amazon for $34.95.

Sizes: XS-M | Color: Puma Black

Channel career Barbie with this stylish skirt suit

Dressing for success is Barbie's motto, and it's honestly one we all could live by to our benefit. According to Indeed, dressing professionally to work can help impress the hiring manager during an interview and can also provide a boost to your self-confidence if you've been in need of some motivation in your current career. That's why you need to invest in the Tahari ASL Windowpane Print Skirt Suit in Azalea for the next important meeting you have coming up. 

This carnation pink blazer and skirt set gives the ultimate Eve from "Life Size" vibes, except unlike Eve, you will be impressing the whole office with your incredible spreadsheet skills. The blazer features an asymmetrical hem and belt, while the skirt has a mid-thigh slit. The windowpane print elevates the suit and adds a professional touch. Wear this suit and you will, "Shine bright, shine far, and be a star!"

Buy the Tahari ASL Windowpane Print Skirt Suit from Macy's, starting at $160.30.

Sizes: 2-16 | Color: Azalea

These bedazzled boots will steal the show

With the weather cooling down, it's now time for every fall enthusiast's favorite autumnal tradition — breaking out the boots. Of course, you can break in some new boots as well and rock the Barbiecore trend while wearing the Betsey Johnson Cady Ankle Boots. The fuchsia boots are studded all over with matching small and medium-sized rhinestones. 

These block-heel boots feature a side zipper and give a decent amount of height. It's also the perfect addition to a "Cowboy Barbie" costume if you're inspired by Margot Robbie's outfit in the upcoming "Barbie" movie. College Fashion also recommends wearing sparkly pink boots like this pair for a night out on the town. Wear these boots this fall and we promise you'll look sick, and never basic.

Buy the Betsey Johnson Cady Ankle Boot from Amazon for $104.30.

Sizes: 6-10 | Color: Fuchsia

This plaid scarf is a perfect accessory for sweater weather

Fall — it's the time to pull on your favorite sweater and enjoy the crisp weather as you sip that invigorating pumpkin spice latte. At this point, you may be thinking that Barbiecore was just a summer trend, but think again. Barbiecore is here to stay and can work with numerous seasons and for numerous reasons. It can even work for numerous vocations and occasions. According to The Fashion Spot, incorporating the Barbiecore trend into your fall wardrobe is the perfect way to perk up your mood during a time when Seasonal Affective Disorder may disrupt your well-being.

The touch of a perky pink can serve as a refreshing departure from the duller rusts and maroons that typically make up an autumn color palette. That's why you should immediately add the Plum Feathers Cashmere-Feel Scarf to your Amazon cart. The scarf's print resembles the signature Burberry plaid design and comes in several colors, but it's their bright pink plaid color that will add the perfect tinge of Barbie girl to your favorite gray sweater. It's an ultra-sophisticated accessory that can be dressed up for work, or dressed down for a casual stroll through the park.

Buy the Plum Feathers Cashmere-Feel Scarf from Amazon for $16.99.

Dimensions: 70" x 12", 3" | Color: Bright Pink Plaid

This charming gingham dress is picnic-perfect

Barbie's dress game is absolutely unparalleled; she has a dress for every situation — whether it's for her vocation or her vacation. If you're wondering how to up your dress game like Barbie, think about wearing the French Connection Gingham Print Tie-Back Dress the next time you meet up with your friends at Central Park for a picnic. This spaghetti-strap pink gingham mini dress will complement those delicious sandwiches and beautiful fall weather that Barbie enjoys in her free time. The dress features a corset-style top and A-line skirt, and even comes with a cute back-tie detail. Who says dressing cute is no picnic? With this dress, looking stylish for your next picnic will be a breeze.

Buy the French Connection Gingham Print Tie-Back Dress from Belk for $37.

Sizes: 0-12 | Color: Begonia Plaid

This retro Barbie-inspired swim cover-up is a stunner

While you may not have a "dream-house" mansion with a pool, you can still channel the ultimate Barbie vibes on your next trip to Malibu (or the neighborhood pool) with stunning swimwear. Wear the Barbie X Unique Vintage in Blooms Coverup to channel the ultimate retro Barbie look that was inspired by a signature 1971 Barbie doll's "groovy paisley print" dress.

This coverup features a similar paisley print with a blue base and detailing in green, pink, and purple. The design is versatile enough that you can also wear it when you're done chilling poolside. One customer named Bryn W. said, "This is advertised as a bathing suit coverup but I have used it as a kimono of sorts. I have been complimented on this and such. There is more to this item than meets the eye, it is a multifunctional wardrobe addition!"

Buy the Barbie X Unique Vintage in Blooms Coverup from Unique Vintage for $65.99.

Sizes: S-M | Color: Blue Paisley Print

Slip into this sequined slip dress for ultimate Barbie glam

If there's one thing that's certain about Barbie it's that she not only keeps up with the trends, but she's often way ahead of them. Be the trendsetter that Barbie is by rocking an ultra-glam slip dress like the Kitty Slip Tropical Barbie Gown. This maxi-length, low-back dress features a thigh-high slit, golden chain straps, and a forgiving, relaxed fit that flatters every figure. The dress comes in pearl (white), pink, or tangerine (neon peach) and features elaborate embellishments that consist of multi-colored sequins. And according to WikiHow, sparkly sequins are just the right touch on a dress to channel Barbie for a glitzy night out. Slip on this sultry slip dress and all your friends will be saying, "C'mon, Barbie! Let's go party!"

Buy the Kitty Slip Tropical Barbie Gown from Sisters The Label for $499 (AUD).

Sizes: One Size Fits Most | Color: Pearl, Pink, Tangerine

This large pink tote will hold everything down

The key to nailing Barbiecore is to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! For a Barbie girl, there's no such thing as too much. It's all about going big or going home. And to match that big Barbie energy, you will definitely need the Calvin Klein Noa Top Zip Tote to hold everything together. According to Suzy, who runs the blog called "Empty Nest Blessed," buying a pink handbag is the easiest way to incorporate the Barbiecore trend into your wardrobe, especially so for people over 50. The large-zippered tote is perfect for a girls' day out with a zippered pouch and two sunglasses pouches inside the bag. So go ahead and plan an entire Sunday Funday with the girls — this bag will take you all the way from those brunch bottomless mimosas to nighttime cocktails.

Buy the Calvin Klein Noa Top Zip Tote from Amazon for $98.38.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 12.5 x 4.5 inches | Color: Orchid Flower

These Barbie pink sneakers are a stand-out

Barbie was always known for her matching shoe game, whether it was a pair of pointy-toe pumps or some cute sneaks. Up your sneaker game by wearing the Reebok Women's Club MEMT Sneaker in Atomic Pink. Per Reebok, these flat tennis shoes have comfortable, padded foam insoles and a leather exterior. The perky pink color will energize you for everything your day has in store for you — from hitting the tennis courts for a workout to going on your weekly unintended shopping sprees at Target. In fact, one Amazon customer named Sara walks around 18,000 steps a day and said this regarding the shoes: "Fits like a dream and is so comfortable. I work 8-10 hours a day on my feet the whole time. I really love these shoes."

Buy the Reebok Women's Club MEMT Sneaker from Amazon starting at $46.51.

Sizes: 5-11 | Color: Atomic Pink

Work this Barbie-pink bralette during your next workout

If you were a '90s Barbie girl, then chances are you may have had the Barbie dance workout VHS tape. If you want to channel that "Barbie boss" energy into your next workout, then you should wear the Reebok Cardi B Bralette in Astro Pink/Pink Fusion. The bralette comes in regular and plus sizes. The longline bralette features a balconette style with two-tone pink color-blocking and underwire support, while the back has a cross-strap design. And according to WikiHow, the ultra-feminine corset styling of this sports bra is a perfect way to channel Barbiecore into your workout. Wear this trendy sports bra and you'll look hot even before your hot yoga class starts.

Buy the Reebok Cardi B Bralette or the Cardi B Plus-Size Bralette from Reebok for $33.75.

Sizes: 2XS-XL, Plus-Sizes: 1X-4X | Color: Astro Pink/Pink Fusion

This eyeshadow palette will fulfill all your biggest dreams

With all of these cute new clothes and accessories, you will also have to get an eyeshadow palette to coordinate your makeup with your new Barbiecore wardrobe. The PUR X Barbie Endless Possibilities Pressed Pigment Palette will give you the ultimate Barbie-themed eye look you could only dream about. The palette contains a mix of peachy and rosy-tone neutral eyeshadows with matte and shimmer finishes. There's also a pop of metallic blue that's perfect for a night out to that soiree.

One Amazon customer named Heather R. bought the palette and said, "Perfect summer time eye palette. The shades are so buttery and go on so pigmented and blend like a dream. This palette has the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers to create that every day easy eye look or you can amp it up for more of a smokey nighttime glam look." Beauty influencer Yessie Gonzalez reviewed the palette as well. "The shimmer formula is beautiful, especially if you have slightly more mature lids or textured lids," Gonzalez said.

Buy the PUR X Barbie Endless Possibilities Pressed Pigment Palette from Amazon for $27.10.

Size: 0.35 oz. | Shades: 15 in Matte and Shimmer Finishes

The cream blush stick that will give you a doll-like flush

While Barbie's lush lashes and bright pout are the most iconic features of her makeup look, no Barbiecore makeup look would be complete without some bubblegum pink blush. To get Barbie's blush, blending in the Persona Cosmetics DreamStick Cream Blush in Bubble to the apples of your cheeks will easily make you the apple of everyone's eyes. The blush is also infused with skincare ingredients such as white and green tea extracts to help soothe the skin and calm inflammation.

Makeup artist Nikki La Rose tried the cream blush stick in Bubble and immediately loved it after applying it for its flattering finish and natural tone on the skin. "It's so pretty on [the skin]. It's so bright. It's so happy," La Rose. She found that the formula melts into the skin and blends seamlessly. "They don't look patchy. They don't take away your makeup that's underneath. It's just a great formula and it lasts a really long time too," La Rose added.

Buy the Persona Cosmetics DreamStick Cream Blush from Ulta Beauty for $26.

Size: 0.32 oz. | Shade: Bubble

This lipstick gives the perfect pink pout

Barbie is known for her signature bright pink lipstick and there's no shade that screams Barbie more than MAC Matte Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum.

Chelsea Victoria, who reviews makeup on her blog called "Through Chelsea's Eyes," called the lipstick shade "the ultimate Barbie pink." While the shocking pink may initially look intimidating in the bullet, Victoria insists that the lipstick works once it's applied, without looking overwhelming. She adds that while the lipstick has a matte finish, it doesn't dry out your lips.

According to Tyme the Infamous, MAC's Candy Yum-Yum is the "best lipstick ever." In her tutorial for the product, she said, "I cannot stop loading this on my lips. This color, honey, is snatched." She elaborated that the magenta undertones in the lipstick make the neon pink lipstick wearable for all skin tones. The lipstick applies slightly sheer on the first swipe and builds up to full pigmentation on the second layer, giving customizable coverage.

Buy the MAC Matte Lipstick from Ulta Beauty for $21.

Size: 0.1 oz. | Shade: Candy Yum-Yum

Get luscious doll-like lashes with this drugstore mascara

Channel some "go big or go home" energy with a dramatic mascara that will give you lush, voluminous lashes. The best part is that you can get these doll-like lashes at drugstore prices. The L'Oreal Paris Oversized Bambi Eye Mascara will give you the ultimate doe-eyed look reminiscent of the thick, dark lashes seen on Barbie. According to L'Oreal Paris' website, the mascara instantly stretches, volumizes, and curls your lashes with the special lifting wand. The bristles on the brush are designed to fit every eye shape, so you can make sure to evenly apply mascara to the inner corners of your lashes.

Beauty influencer Lilah A. Duarte tried this mascara and called it her new favorite mascara as her lashes stayed lifted and curled throughout the day, without flaking or smudging. "It's just instantly giving my lashes length ... This is on a whole other level," Duarte said. Tamara, who reviews makeup on her blog called Cherry Colors, also tested the mascara and was immediately impressed by just one layer of the mascara. "I think I found my new favorite mascara," Tamara said, citing the intense length, voluptuous volume, and long-lasting formula the mascara offers.

Buy the L'Oreal Paris Oversized Bambi Eye Mascara from Amazon for $8.97.

Size: 0.21 fl. oz. | Color: Washable Intense Black

This flat iron will give you Barbie's signature straight hairstyle

If you've ever wanted to replicate the sleek Barbie blowout, you might want to try using steam technology. The L'Oreal Professionnel Barbie X Steampod Flat Iron will help tame any frizziness and add a glossy shine to your hair, according to beauty influencer Kathleen Lights. L'Oreal's claims the pink flat iron can be used to get a smooth, straight hairstyle or soft waves.

What sets this flat iron from others is that it comes with a built-in water tank that generates steam to leave your hair with an intense shine and smooth finish. The steam also results in 91% less hair damage. There's even a mini comb attached to the side of one of the plates that detangles your hair for an ultra-frizz-free finish. "I honestly fell in love with the results. I have Barbie hair right now," Lights said. She added, "It gives shiny, fast results with less breakage over time ... and I did my hair on the lowest heat setting and I feel like it made it pin straight."

Buy the L'Oreal Professionel Barbie X Steampod Flat Iron from Sephora for $250.

Dimensions: 13" L x 3.5" W x 1.75" H Weight: 1.3 lbs

Look at the world through rose-tinted sunglasses

Being a Barbie girl means you were born to shine and stand out from the crowd. You are the life of the party and naturally, people tend to gravitate toward you. That's why it's important to block out any haters who are throwing shade your way by buying some shades for women. Enter the Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses with Matte Gold frames and Brown Mirror Fuchsia lenses. These chic shades feature polarized, mirrored lenses that appear Barbie pink on the outside (per Amazon).

These sunglasses feature "Evolve photochromatic lenses," which adapt to sunlight by darkening within three minutes of exposure. Once you step back in, the lenses will go back to their initial tint. One Amazon customer who bought these shades said, "Love these pink shades ...They are a little larger shape than the regular shape, which is good for women trying to keep the crow's feet away." These sunnies have got you covered, blocking out UV rays and negative energy, while protecting your eyes.

Buy the Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses from Amazon for $213.

Size: 58 mm. | Color: Matte Gold/Polarized Brown Mirror Fuchsia