The Tell-Tale Sign Your Bra Doesn't Fit Right

Figuring out your true bra size should seem simple, but figuring out what your bra size is can be a challenge for some. Ignoring misfitting undergarments is one of the biggest bra mistakes you probably didn't know you were making. Determining whether your bra fits or not can be more difficult than you thought. Indeed, there are subtle signs that scream your bra is too small that you may not have noticed, including your breasts spilling out of the cups, the back band and elastic feeling far too tight, and wires digging into your shoulders. You should get your bra size measured regularly, but finding the right professional for a bra fitting can be intimidating. However, you'll be happy to know that there are some best practices for measuring your bra size at home. Before you go through the trouble of doing a fitting either at home or with a professional, you'll need to know the signs of whether your bra fits correctly.

Slipping straps that need to always be adjusted

If you find that your bra straps are always slipping off your shoulders, your bra likely doesn't fit. Per Cosmopolitan, slipping bra straps are not a good sign. "Has your strap been slipping all day?" asked Ra'el Cohen, the chief creative officer of ThirdLove. If your bra straps aren't staying up, it's a sign that you should re-evaluate your bra size. "Your bra is trying to talk to you, that's how I think of it," Cohen said. Bras are fairly complex undergarments, so a couple of things could be going wrong with the size of your undergarment. If you find yourself always having to adjust your bra straps, it could mean that the straps are simply too loose, your cup size is too small, or the back size isn't right, according to AmpleBosom. If you find that any of these things are happening when wearing your bra, it may be time to retire it and get resized.

Gaping cups that you can see through shirts

Gaping bra cups can be the most annoying sign that your bra doesn't fit, but noticing those bulging areas are very helpful. Ra'el Cohen told Cosmopolitan that the "T-shirt" test is a great option for determining whether your bra fits or not. "Put on a tight white T-shirt, and if you can see the bra very clearly, whether it's the cup edge bulging or gaping, or the strap or the sides where it might be digging in, you're wearing the wrong size," Cohen said.

If you find that your bra cups are often bulging, that means that you're wearing a cup size that's too big, per Fine Lines Lingerie. Go down a cup size for the best fit. And if you still aren't satisfied with the fit of your bra, you can consider choosing a different type, like a push-up bra or bralette. Picking the right bra can seem intimidating, but with some guidance, you'll find the most comfortable fit for you.