The Showy Underwear Trend That Prioritizes Comfort

We have long been told that pain is beauty but it no longer has to be that way. The fashion gods are shining upon us and have given us a trend that finally prioritizes comfort. Instead of choosing between an uncomfortable thong or the shame of panty lines showing through leggings, there is another option that doesn't compromise comfort or confidence. 

As with most trends, fashion evolves with time. Unfortunately, the nature of the term "granny panties" points to the problematic past of full-coverage underwear. According to Vox, people have avoided these high-waisted undergarments for over a generation because society associated them with periods, which were collectively seen as gross or unsexy. In a unique intersection of feminism and empowerment, people have now reclaimed their underwear choices and are disregarding what others might think in order to prioritize their own comfort. The notion that "granny panties" symbolized old people or those without style has been fully rejected by women. 

This shift has not only made granny panties acceptable fashion but a part of the norm. So much so that full-coverage underwear is involved in a fashion trend that not only shows them off but redefines sexy.

Boy shorts and briefs are in

We have lived through various celebrities showing off their whale tale looks throughout the ages. Stars like Halle Berry, Paris Hilton, and Christina Milian sported this look in the early 2000s, where their thongs peeked out of the back of their pants. Still, it took a more elegant turn in later years as Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber matched their g-string thongs with their skin-tight elegant gowns. As striking as these looks might be, they are losing popularity with consumers favoring more comfortable underwear. 

While thongs have their time and place, they haven't been the star of the show for many years. The New York Times explained that market research trends were showing a decrease in thong sales and an increase in more full-coverage underwear dating back to 2015. The popularization of boy shorts and high-waisted briefs actually paved the way for this new fashionable look. 

According to Who What Wear, the showy underwear trend involves wearing high-waisted underwear that can be seen above the pants. Typically, this underwear will include a large band at the top or feature recognizable brand logos. While high-waisted undies have been around for a while, showing off your most comfortable pairs of underwear as part of your outfit is definitely new.

Let your personality shine through

While it may take a lot of confidence to willingly leave the house knowing that everybody can see your underwear, it does provide another interesting piece to the look. Being fashion-forward is all about experimenting with different styles and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Your underwear choices have always had the ability to let your true nature shine through. However, making it apparent to everyone else requires vulnerability and courage.

Luckily, when celebrities popularize a fashion trend or unique look, it can give all of us that boost we need to embrace our own style. Supermodel Bella Hadid offered her take on this trend with a classic high-waisted black jean look that was perfectly paired with black underwear that came up just a little bit higher. Popular social media influencers have also embraced this trend with Instagram star Sofia Coelho documenting her fashion journey in various pants and high-waisted Balenciaga hipsters. Another popular influencer, Steph Pappas, often posts selfies on Instagram showing off her soft undies under her jeans with a crop top. As we all know, influencers can have a big, well, influence on what fashion stays trendy and relevant. 

While there are so many ways to embrace this trend, it's really about owning your own style and simply letting your personality take the lead.