Can Purple Toothpaste Make Your Smile Whiter And Brighter?

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Many people know that in order to reduce yellow tones and increase the brightness of blonde hair, it's best to use a purple-colored shampoo. But has anyone thought of doing the same thing with yellow teeth? The answer is yes. Yes, they have. Purple shampoo might be more widely known, but purple toothpaste is nothing if not effective — and it ultimately works the same way. 

There are several different brands of purple toothpaste and numerous places to buy them, as well. Sometimes buying higher-quality self-care and hygiene products can be pricey, though, so keep your eyes peeled for budget-friendly whitening toothpaste

You'll also want to keep in mind when buying new toothpaste there is always a chance you may be allergic to it, regardless of the brand. It's important to look for signs you're using the wrong toothpaste, such as rashes around the mouth or mouth sores.

What really is purple toothpaste?

You can color correct your teeth with purple toothpaste to get the whitest teeth possible, and you don't even need to go through any painful teeth whitening procedures. 

Per Musely, color-correcting your teeth can work similarly to color-correcting your skin. Green concealer can help cancel out red spots on the face, and peach tones can help cancel out dark blue under the eyes. In the same way, purple toothpaste can be used to cancel out yellow stains on the teeth. The purple residue rinses right off after rinsing your mouth post-brush, too.

One of the most popular brands of purple toothpaste featured on Musely is POP White. The color formula in this toothpaste is FDA-approved and enhanced by Xylitol and Coconut Oil — two products that protect dental enamel and assist in brightening teeth. POP White is also fluoride and peroxide-free. Peroxide is a bleach found in many other toothpaste products that can actually break down enamel and cause teeth sensitivity.

Where to buy purple toothpaste

Purple toothpaste can be found in several places, online and in-store. Per Bustle, POP White's toner and oral rinse — toothpaste and mouthwash — can be found on their website for $36. If you're shopping on more of a budget and want to place a quick and easy order online, try Amazon for some more inexpensive purple toothpaste. Two other popular purple toothpaste brands include GlorySmile's V34 Color Corrector Toothpaste and LaserGlow's ColorTech Color Corrector Toothpaste.

Although there doesn't seem to be any purple toothpaste sold in popular department stores such as Target yet, they are bound to hit aisles soon enough. Be sure to read all the ingredients on the website or packaging before you purchase your new product. Steer clear of anything you're allergic to or that contains peroxide, as that will set back your teeth-whitening journey even further. Good luck, and get ready to smile bigger and brighter than ever!