The Right Way To Approach Face Shaving For Women

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For women on the hairier side that prefer smoother skin, you know the pain of trying to achieve hairless skin from head to toe. You've probably heard of at-home waxing, laser removal, and plucking for quick hair removal. Although you may have your hair removal routine down for the rest of your body, tackling the hair on your face may bring a bit of hesitation.

Over time, your pain tolerance for body hair removal has most likely built up, but the skin on the face is different. It's more sensitive than the rest of your body due to its thinner structure.

Not only is shaving your face a more cost-effective way to remove hair, but it comes with less pain than waxing, lasering, or plucking those pesky chin hairs that pop up due to PCOS or menopause. When you shave your face, it also comes with a load of benefits like better application of skincare and makeup thanks to the exfoliated skin.

Shaving your face requires the proper tools

Before you start shaving, Gillette Venus recommends cleansing your face first. Any leftover dirt, makeup, or sunscreen can potentially cause an infection or sensitivity if the razor cuts your skin. It also gives you a clean, fresh foundation to start with.

To shave the face, go in with a razor dedicated to women, typically known as an eyebrow razor. Different from a razor you would use on the rest of your body, eyebrow razors are designed for the soft peach fuzz on the face. They're smaller and more precise, allowing you to get a closer shave in small areas (via Byrdie).

After cleansing, wait until your skin dries to shave. Hold your skin taut and shave gently at a 45-degree angle, using short, quick movements. Just like shaving the legs, go against the grain of the hair for a closer shave. Try to rinse off the razor often to avoid buildup.

If you have sensitive skin or the thought of shaving dry skin sounds awful, go in with a gentle face oil to create a better glide, preventing redness or irritation (via Mind Body Green).

The best face shaving essentials to buy

A staple in many collections, the Schick Hydro Silk Razor is a no-fuss razor for the brows and face. Affordable and effective, this face razor is great for dermaplaning at home and touch-ups on the go. Fine micro guards on the blade provide a close shave without nicking or cutting the skin.

The Ordinary's 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil is a simple, one-ingredient product that will help prevent irritation and sensitivity when shaving the face. Rosehip oil, a hydrating and anti-oxidant-rich oil, makes for a perfect oilplaning pair alongside your razor. After moisturizing, you can apply the oil again for barrier protection and anti-aging benefits.

If you prefer not to shave with a sharp blade or want something fancier, the Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover is an electric razor that gets rid of peach fuzz without the added stress of potentially cutting the skin. Equipped with an LED light, the razor moves in a circular motion when pressed against the face, removing hair gently.