The Lovely French Manicure Upgrade You'll Want For Your Valentine's Day Mani

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It's February, which means the season of love has begun. If you like to get festive for any and every holiday, then you're probably breaking out the heart-shaped accessories and pink and red 'fits to get in the V-day spirit. But, how are you going to paint your nails? 

Editorial manicurist and founder of JinSoon, Jin Soon Choi, told Glamour, "I always consider avoiding heart shapes on nails during Valentine's Day because the design can be predictable, but I inevitably come back to it because it is sweet, romantic, and fun." We can totally relate, and luckily, a new nail trend has arrived on the scene, and it's making the heart-themed nail a bit more unexpected.

These days, the modern French manicure is one of the nail designs everyone is asking for. According to "Euphoria" nail artist Natalie Minerva,  "I think the French manicure has always been a go-to... but now with modern nail technology, you can tailor it to your own style and taste. It's always fun to take something classic and give it a personal spin" (via Harper's Bazaar). The modern French mani opens the doors for putting any twist on the classic French manicure that you can imagine. From replacing the tried-and-true white stripe with neon to sporting floral patterned tips, the possibilities are endless. Sweetheart nails are the latest style to join the ranks, and whether it's a Galentine's Day brunch, a Valentine's Day date, or just a regular old Wednesday, you're gonna wanna try these.

What are sweetheart nails?

If you're ready to fall in love with your fingernails, we've got the solution for you. Think of Sweetheart French nails as a modern French manicure that was shot with Cupid's arrow. In Jin Soon Choi's words, "I like to describe this look as a French manicure meets Valentine's Day. It's stylish, sweet, and romantic and is a fun and creative way to add some flair to your nail look," per Glamour.  Manicurist Hannah Lee explains, "These nails have a heart shape created at the tip of the nail, and can either be done over a bare nail or color." 

The look isn't just a perfect marriage of minimalism and festiveness; it's also easy to recreate. Choi calls it "the easiest heart shape nail art you can create at home." Select your colors, and experiment freely with shades and even sparkles. Just make sure you're finishing with a shiny top coat. We recommend OPI Brilliant High-Shine Top Coat

Lee says, "You can do heart nails without any tools, which is why it's one of my go-tos for cute nails: Just take the polish brush and swipe or curve it from the side of the nail to the tip, creating half of a heart shape. You might need to angle the brush a little..." If you'd prefer, try cutting and customizing some heart nail stickers, like these from Muagorn for a foolproof nail art moment. Now that's a nail look fit for lovers.