The Flattering Blazer Trend We Should All Embrace In 2023

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Saying goodbye to things you love can be hard, but it doesn't mean they'll be gone forever. It's time to bid adieu for now to the once-popular oversized blazer trend and hello to fashion's newest trend, the fitted-waist blazer. It's time to embrace a new style in 2023 that's extremely flattering and perfect for anyone who wants a timeless statement piece to add to their wardrobe.

Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr notes that the up-and-coming trend allows you to accentuate your natural curves rather than hiding them beneath a shapeless, oversized garment. The fitted-waist blazer cinches your waist in a very natural way, providing a flattering silhouette on every body type. It was a major fashion statement back in the '90s and early 2000s, but it's experiencing a renaissance this year, with influencers and celebrities alike seen rocking the fitted-waist blazer. Without a doubt, this flattering blazer trend is definitely a new look that everyone will be embracing in 2023.

How to style a fitted-waist blazer

When it comes to styling your wardrobe staples, the options are endless. When sporting a fitted-waist blazer, there are so many different ways to wear it. Whether you add a long chain necklace, a simple brooch, or even an oversized belt at the waist, you can truly make this look your own. In fact, the blazer's versatility is what makes it so appealing to everyone. Per Marie Clarie, it can instantly tie an outfit together and create a smart, classy look without much effort.

One way to wear the fitted-waist blazer is in a more formal and elegant way. Per Parade, Selena Gomez was recently seen at the Academy Museum Gala rocking a figure-hugging black blazer that complimented her body and accentuated her waist in all the best ways. This look can be a simple statement piece on the red carpet or at any other formal event.

Another great way to rock the new flattering blazer trend is by wearing it as a casual, more everyday look. Per InStyle, wearing a blazer with a casual pair of blue jeans is a perfect way to run your favorite errands while also maintaining style and comfort. Having a blazer in your closet that you can dress up or dress down makes it a no-brainer purchase.

Where to buy a fitted-waist blazer

As the new fitted-waist blazer trend continues to gain traction throughout 2023, more and more stores will be selling them. However, there are plenty of retailers that already have them ready for you both online and in-store. If you're looking for budget-friendly options you won't have to wait long to receive, Amazon has many different fitted-waist blazers to satisfy your needs. If you're looking for higher quality products with a designer name on the label, Nordstrom is a great place to check out. The retailer has a ton of different options for fitted-waist blazers to upgrade your style.

No matter where you're from or where you like to shop, fitted-waist blazers should be sold just about anywhere that sells professional women's clothing, though you certainly don't need a high-powered corporate job to sport this look. There are so many different types out there to choose from, but this flattering trend is definitely one of the blazer styles you need in your closet for 2023.