The Best Type Of Manicure For Short Nails

While long nails can instantly make any outfit look more put together, they can often be impractical. Whether your job requires you to have short nails, you partake in rigorous activities, or you use your hands a lot in your day to day life, you know that lengthy claws simply aren't for you.

If you don't have the patience for nails that grow out quickly or constantly chip, you may have forgone getting your nails done completely. According to L'Oréal, nail polish lasts only for a few days, chipping within a week. Meanwhile, gel nails are a hassle to get off, peeling and damaging your natural nails unless they're removed the proper way.

It may seem like even if you enjoy having your nails done, it's impossible due to your lifestyle. However, there's a manicure that can last for weeks without chipping, fading, or the other annoyances that come with regular polish or gel nails.

The best manicure for short nails

Dip powder manicures involve dipping the nails into a colored powder and then using a clear top coat to seal in the manicure. Some technicians often opt for piling the powder on top of the nail in order to be more hygienic (via Elle). The manicures are relatively affordable,

The prep for the manicure is similar to any other manicure; the nail tech cleans the nails of any remaining polish then uses an electric buffer to file them down. Afterwards, the three step process starts with using a bonder that acts as an adhesive for the powder. The nail is then dipped into two powders; first, a clear base powder and then a colored powder. Once the excess powder is brushed away, a top coat is applied.

Thanks to their protective coat, dip powder manicures are great for short nails that are prone to breakage, helping them grow out and stay durable, explains Dipwell. They also last much longer than gel and acrylic nails, holding out for up to six weeks. Unlike gel manicures, they require no UV light, which can damage the skin on your hands. However, they cost around the same price, reports Cosmopolitan, ranging from $30-$50 depending on the area.

How to maintain dip powder nails

To maintain dip powder manicures, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends not clipping or pushing back the cuticles in order to avoid a nail infection. Kiara Sky, a nail product company, confirms, saying that dip powder should not be applied on the cuticles, particularly because they can be scraped easily, causing chipping on the rest of the nail.

To keep up the shine of dip powder nails, reapply a top coat every few days and avoid hand sanitizer, since it can damage the top coat of your manicure (via StyleCraze). Taking off the manicure is similar to that of the removal process for gel nails.

Using a nail file, buff off the top coat until the shiny layer has disappeared. Dip cotton balls in acetone and wrap them around each nail using aluminum foil. After about 10-15 minutes, remove the covering and wipe off any leftover powder with the acetone-soaked cotton.