Viewers Notice An Odd Detail About Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's Bed Linens In New Video

Why do the Duggars maintain such a widespread appeal, years after their reality shows went off the air? While some may be looking for further signs that the wholesomeness of "19 Kids & Counting" wasn't all it appeared to be, others seem to have a genuine fondness for the famous family. They enjoy the relatable parenting moments shared by the adult Duggar daughters on social media. 

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, the ninth of the Duggar children, is a popular figure on social media. She frequently lets her fans in on the moments of her life as an at-home mom to Gideon, almost 5, and 2-year-old Evelyn. Some of those moments are huge — such as her announcement that she's expecting another baby boy — and others are smaller joys, like footage of a day in the snow. Her most recent video, though, caught attention for an unexpected home furnishing detail. Joy, husband Austin Forsyth, and the kids joined forces to put together a bunk bed in their spare bedroom, in advance of guests they were expecting. Joy admitted the inexpensive bed was "a little rinky-dink," but they're only planning to keep it for a few years. 

Once everything was assembled, Gideon helpfully came in with a blanket and pillow, ready to test out the new bed. However, there was something different about the pillow that caused a number of viewers to hit the pause button for a closer look.

Joy and Austin Forsyth have a special pillowcase

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's latest YouTube vlog revealed that she owns a pillowcase imprinted with a photo of herself and her husband, Austin Forsyth. Judging by Austin's clean-shaven face (he has a hefty beard now), the picture was taken early in their marriage. This odd accessory caused plenty of snickering on the Reddit channel DuggarsSnark, a forum for roasting the Duggar family. "Screams Shutterfly to me, lol. (Which, their photo books are fine, but stuff like this... just no.)," said one follower. Another mused, "Ah yes, I too like to stare myself in the face every single time I try to go to bed. It's how I get in my existential crisis every night." 

Some Redditors admitted receiving similar mementos. "I was gifted one of these pillows awhile back. Let's just say it comes out when the giver comes over lol," one noted. Still another said that she got one from her mother-in-law: "I'm genuinely unsure what she thought we would do with it — she probably didn't think it would go from 'back of closet' to different 'back of closet' in every place we live in." At least one commenter gave them a pass, noting that the pillow seemed to be something Gideon used: "It was likely a gift, but I honestly thought maybe they got it for the kids to help them not be scared at night?" In that case, we may be seeing it again when Joy-Anna's new baby boy is a little older.