Matte Nails Are Making A Major Comeback In 2023

Nothing is as satisfying as getting a matte manicure and watching the polish glide on smooth as it breathes fresh life into your nails. Whether you prefer to DIY them or get the full salon experience, matte nails are packed with a lot of personality and can stand out more than traditional glossy nail polish because they don't have that typical shine people come to expect with a mani-pedi.

TikTok's nail vertical is bursting with unique takes on the matte trend, including a complex, part-glossy-part-matte hybrid look hybrid look. This trend's grip on 2023 is well deserved. Looking for ways to silence your eternal "I have nothing to wear" inner monologue and level up your outfit? Boom, matte nails are here to the rescue. Or want to turn girls night into your own red carpet moment? Matte French manicures have entered the chat.

There's a matte look for every mood, occasion, and season. Let us update your nail look book so you don't have to.

Meet your new favorite pairing

Matte nail polish, meet your shinier half. Matte and chrome nail polish are a match made in heaven. This TikTok user posted an electric blue manicure that is light years ahead of the game. The surprise addition of glimmering chrome polish is the true hero of this look. The deep blue and black hue really tie it all together. Matte and chrome polish are powerful on their own, but together? They are a bonafide masterpiece.

Get ready to collect all of the hearts with this sweet look

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your nails instead? TikTok nail artist Becerra sprinkled just the right amount of love into this intricate design. Not only do the textured hearts and dots really define her manicure, but they also give it a 3D feel. Plus, the holiday red hue is the perfect choice for ushering in Valentine's Day or a regular night out.

Spread even more love with this heart manicure

Speaking of love, TikTok user Kimberly Carrillo's two-toned matte nails will add a spark of romance to any future date night plans. The various shades of blush pink paired with the cool white accent nail give off a very sweet aesthetic and are peak Valentine's day. Love will definitely be in the air. Even better, the raised mini hearts give this manicure just the right touch of personality without taking away from the moment. 

Calling all fashion lovers, this is your nail's version of the LBD

Everyone needs a little black dress in their closet. TikTok user JSS's matte black nails are going to be the new beauty staple. The dark tint gives off a bold look and instantly elevates any outfit. Plus, the sexy contrast between the matte nail bed and glossy tips is its own sacred experience. The streak free formula is reason enough for it to become your latest obsession.

Sweater weather is here

Imagine this. It's in the negative degrees outside, and you're patiently waiting for your milk to come to a simmer as you prepare your favorite hot chocolate mix. Drink in hand, you cuddle under your cozy covers, grateful for sweater weather. Nothing is homier than this sweater-inspired manicure. 

This TikTok tutorial takes the guesswork out of it. In the tutorial, nail designer Oliwia uses a nail art pen to draw thick lines on a solid powder blue base, before using a dotting tool to intertwine the lines together to resemble a knit sweater.

This vivid burst of color is a vision for longer nails

Instagram user Abena Tene's nail art is the true colorblock champion. This design looks great on any nail length, but especially stands out on longer nails. Using black matte polish as a polish was a smart choice, and made the blue, purple, and white tones appear much more vibrant. Coloring the bottom half of her nails black also made her nails look even longer. The cool tones in the blue and purple complement each other well.

Get ready for your nails to shine bright like a beacon from outer space

You work hard and deserve a little glam in your life. Instagram user Marie Svehlova combined the best of both worlds in this edgy and flirty look. It's impossible not to fall in love with this glittery take on a split manicure. The shimmery, stark line dividing the pastel pink and lavender polish from the natural, "unfinished" part of your nail makes this a big serve.

Lavender, navy, and gold colorblock nails

Who knew that lavender, gold, and navy would be the ultimate match? Now, throw in a reverse french manicure, and your nails will reach fashion icon status. Instagram user Madeline Poole posted this modern take on the classic french manicure, and we still aren't over it. The double band of navy and gold is so distinct, makes the lavender pop even more, and also gives off a calming vibe. We don't think you can get more relaxed than this.

Neutral nails deserve to be at the top of your manicure request list

Nail lovers, it's officially been decided. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with neutral nails. Instagram user Bear's Nail Bar kept it simple but classy with these smooth brown matte nails. Part of what makes neutral shades work is their versatility and the fact that they compliment all skin tones and outfits. If you regularly have trouble deciding between designs, put this on your radar.

An accent nail can bring your aesthetic together

Make a statement with every outfit, matte nails and all. Instagram user Infinity Nails' accent nail is everything right with the popular trend. It's hard to pick a favorite from this style, but these are a serious contender. Is it the careful lines of the leaves? Is it the seamless blend of the pastel tones? Or is the relaxing blue polish painted on her other nails? Whatever it is, every part of this manicure is a yes.

Nail the preppy vibe

Channeling all '90s lovers, Instagram user The Nail Box's plaid manicure screams retro. It brings back memories of cult classic "Clueless" and Alicia Silverstone's iconic plaid blazer and skirt combo. The turquoise lines gives the tan plaid a fresh and modern update. The best part about this matte design is that you can switch which accent colors you want to match with the preppy pattern. The plaid accent nail would look equally as impressive as a full design.

Be one with nature

Who says that having a green thumb means you're limited to just the plants you have littered around your apartment? Sneak in some calm greenery vibes with Instagram user Beauty Nail and Spa's forest matte nails. The detailing on the gold and green leaf pattern is ridiculously gorgeous, but luckily isn't too complicated. In fact, it can either be replicated with a skinny nail art pen and your favorite leaf stencil or strategically placed nail stickers.

Don't be afraid to go a little abstract

No nail design is too out there. If you're someone who is obsessed with planning out the details of your look, Instagram user Klaws By Kamar's matte design is right up your alley. It's bold enough to call attention to your nails but will also casually compliment whatever style mood you're in. The contrast between the black and white makes this the perfect manicure for a dressy dinner or date night.

Matte doesn't have to mean boring

In 2023, neon is having its moment. The LED eyeliner trend's TikTok takeover made its comeback a lot easier. Instagram user Clara Sheppard's colorful manicure embodies everything fun about the fluorescent colors without the huge commitment. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak in pops of color into your outfit without it dominating your entire look. You can either embrace a full-on Skittles moment and rock a different color on each nail, or keep your color scheme more balanced.