Try A Brazilian Manicure To Get The Most Out Of Your Favorite Polish

Thanks to the innovation and skill of nail technicians, it's possible to enter a salon and leave less than two hours later with pure artwork on the tips of our fingers. Anything from 3D designs and French tips to velvet and even your favorite characters are all nail designs that can only be completed by the talented hands of a manicurist.

Just like clothes or hair, nails are an expression of creativity and individualism. While they offer insight into personal style, they often aren't created by the person who wears them. Even with the most simplistic at-home manis or pedis, they don't match up to a professional job. As more nail styles gain momentum online, you may think that you can never accomplish them on your own.

Yet if you have a tendency to paint your nails at home, you've probably already done a manicure style that has become increasingly popular. What you may call a messy manicure that you clean up later is actually officially known as a Brazilian manicure (via Soul Brasil). Rather than simply applying the polish to the nail, Brazilian manicures involve applying polish to the whole area and is cleaned up as the nail polish dries.

What is a Brazilian manicure?

Aside from the application of the nail polish, the main difference between a Brazilian manicure and an American one is the removal of the cuticle, says Today. While it starts out as a typical manicure by soaking hands in a treatment and exfoliating them, the nail technician removes the entire cuticle, rather than only a little of it like it's done frequently in America.

According to Allure, this process is completed with a specific clipper from Brazil. By removing the entire cuticle, they can paint the area, allowing the manicure to last longer. With American manicures, the space right above the cuticle is often left unpainted, resulting in an overgrown manicure after only a few days.

Once the cuticle is removed, the polish is applied to the entire nail and onto the skin around it, ensuring that each corner of the nail is evenly coated. After the second coat, the technician uses an orange wood stick that has cotton soaked in acetone wrapped around the tip to clean up the excess before it dries down.

Longevity is the basis of Brazilian manicures

The price of a standard manicure, Brazilian manicures will last much longer thanks to the technique. As the nail grows out, you won't experience as many chips and empty space at the bottom since the polish is painted where the cuticle once was. While the manicure certainly employs the techniques of painting your nails at home, if you want to attempt this, leave it to a professional to cut the cuticle for you. Otherwise, infection is a serious possibility. Instead, push them back using cuticle sticks, a standard item you need to give yourself the ideal at-home manicure.

You want to use a nail polish that is intended to be long-lasting, as well as a good base and top coat. The Olive & June Long Lasting Nail Polish are vegan, cruelty-free that are salon-quality. With a gel like finish, they last longer than a typical mani and rarely chip. They don't have a quick-drying formula, so they're perfect for a Brazilian manicure.

To make your nail polish last longer, L'Oréal recommends applying thin coats of polish that will dry quicker than thicker ones. To dry nails, use cool air, like a fan that will help them dry properly. Apply a top coat every two to three days for protection and if possible, always use gloves when doing chores around the house.