The Shimmery Cat-Eye Trend Takes Velvet Nails To The Next Level

We owe a lot to cats in the beauty and fashion world. From makeup looks to sunnies shapes, cats give us constant inspiration, not to mention online content. Now, cat lovers and nail lovers unite in this new glimmering trend, cat-eye nails. 

These nails are inspired by the glittering iris that cats are often blessed with, as well as the striking, narrow shape of their pupils when faced with light. While the trend might look familiar to nail aficionados in the form of the velvet nails trend, there is more to these cat-eye nails than it seems. While the velvet nail trend uses a semi-metallic nail polish, cat-eye nails use a special magnetic polish, formulated with minuscule metal shavings, that can be manipulated with a magnet to achieve a certain design. 

This viral video by @andrea.macou on TikTok demonstrates the effect of the magnetic polish, as she creates a modified French nail look. After spreading the polish over the nail, she uses a magnet to push the magnetic particles around in the metallic polish, thus playing with the highlights and shadows on the nail. She then defines a tip and places the magnetic polish over it, moving the highlight in a direction opposite of the rest of the nail. The result is akin to the invisible French nail manicure, where the dimension and definition is subtle, but spectacular. 

Eye-catching cat-eye nails

Because of the nature of the magnetic polish, a number of effects can be made. But the cat-eye nail specifically features a highlight in the center of the nail to emulate the look of cat eyes, per PopSugar. This set of teal and pink cat-eye nails by @nailsssdone on Instagram perfectly embodies the trend, while also amping up the drama with silver gel embellishments. 

Another look we love is this classic, amber cat-eye nail look seen on @threnodyinvelvet via Instagram. The video captures the mesmerizing effect of the magnetic polish, as the highlight shimmers in the light, and creates gorgeous shadows across the rest of the nail. And, for a more experimental take on the trend, @nail.brat on Instagram created these cat-eye nail jelly drops in fuchsia and electric blue. The effect of the polish makes these jelly drops almost appear alive! 

Should you want to try the look at home, boutique nail polish brand ILNP makes several beautiful magnetic polishes, and sells a magnetic wand to go with them.