Lip Threading Is The New Way To Get Fabulously Full Lips

Lips are the vehicle for glosses and the veil to your killer smile. A great pair of lips make the face — it's science. A 2018 report cited, "robust, pouty lips are considered to be sexually attractive by both males and females." Perhaps that is why lip fillers and injections are so popular. Even the makeup industry supports the fuller lip obsession with lip plumpers that leave your puckers tingling. TikTok's viral highlighter hack helps you achieve the appearance of thick lips for the night. And who can forget the videos of thousands of people suctioning their lips into shot glasses for an instant volume boost?

However, instead of risking a popped blood vessel or relying on short-term results, lip threading could be the answer to securing Angelina Jolie's lips. Several celebrities candidly spoke about their threading procedure, New Beauty explains. From the likes of Eva Mendez to Simon Cowell, yet none mentioned trying out the technique on their lips. Can this lift really work for fuller lips?

What is lip threading?

The secret to lip threading is its name. A simple surgical floss can get you full lips. Healthline shares that with a tiny needle, a medical professional inserts a dissolvable thread through your lip line to boost collagen and provide a lift. The technique is nonsurgical, minimally invasive, and appears natural. Threads can be added to create structure in lips for a more defined cupid's bow, to heighten the lip line, or to increase volume.

According to WebMD, as the thread dissolves, your body naturally produces collagen to heal the lesion. This production can combat wrinkles threatening your lips as low collagen causes the skin to sag and dehydrate. The procedure is FDA-approved, and results can last up to three years. It does come with the possibility of pain and infection, as with many procedures. But with fillers being one of the most popular lip injections, do thread lifts have a chance to steal the spotlight?

How does lip threading compare to lip fillers?

If plump lips are on your radar, you've probably heard of lip fillers. Kylie Jenner is one celebrity who spoke out about the procedure on her kissers. Her full-volume lips even sparked the internet to create the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. According to the experts, there is a significant difference between fillers and threading. Consultant dermatologist Penelope Tympanidis explains, "Threads work as biostimulators by triggering production of scar tissue; thus collagen. Hyaluronic acid [dermal filler] restores lost volume" (per Harley Street Emporium). Hence, threading increases your lip's firmness while fillers maximize your lip's size.

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei says temporary lip fillers are safer and provide better results than lip threading (via Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery). He warns that the threading procedure can cause internal scarring, and evidence doesn't support its promise of lifting your lip. With the risk of permanent damage, always consult with your doctors. But if you rather forget the needle, there is always lip-plumping gloss.