TikTok's 'Brownie Batter' Hair Is A Luxurious Look For All Brunettes

We've all had those days when we felt uninspired by our signature hairstyle, color, or length, and were suddenly desperate to shake things up. In an ideal world, if you were a proper hair chameleon, you'd have a dream color for every mood minus the associated damage. One of the biggest perks of experimenting with your hair is that it can feel like a fresh start and even breathe new life into a look that you weren't 100% sold on or have grown too accustomed to.

As per usual, TikTok's hair influencers have thought of everything. Brown-haired beauties, if you've been on a search for ways to jazz up your dark locks, TikTok's "brownie batter" hair is the low-maintenance, high-glam trend for you. It looks exactly as it sounds: A mix of brown tones and blonde highlights come together to form a rich, brownie-esque shade. 

Camila Cabello's caramel and chestnut masterpiece (pictured above), which the pop star showcased during her October 2022 appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show," is everything that's right about this particular look. The stylish star's rich brown locks are blended beautifully with her lighter highlights. Happily, anyone can slay the brownie batter hair trend, regardless of hair texture or length. 

Bask in the hair glory of the brownie batter trend

TikTok user Megha nailed this gorgeous trend in her video showing off richly chocolatey locks that look good enough to eat. The thicker highlights expertly frame her face, while also drawing attention to the TikToker's full brows and glowing skin. In her take on the brownie batter trend, Megha had her blonde highlights taper off as they reached the bottom of her cascading tresses. 

The brownie batter trend is a mix between tiny highlights and balayage. Part of what makes this look so exciting is that there is no universal brunette color, which means that your natural undertones will make it different and unique. To get this look, "Ask for a rich brunette hair color at the salon, like a chocolate or caramel, accompanied with a soft balayage and subtle money piece," as hairstylist Jennifer Korab informed Glamour

Your approach is going to differ depending on if you are going to DIY this hairstyle or leave your locks in the hands of your favorite stylist. Since you're starting out with a brown base, balayage will add more definition and warmth to your natural hair color. The goal is to blend different shades of brown and blonde until it resembles its tasty namesake. For the perfect finishing touch, mirror Megha's trendy money piece highlights

Brownie batter hair compliments all hair textures

The best viral hair trends leave no one out. To all our stunning 4C Naturalistas, the brownie batter look is a great way to draw more attention to your stunning curls. Be prepared to release any reservations over whether the bleaching and dying process will be too harsh on your hair, too. You can get the same effect using the foilyage technique especially since it's generally gentler on the hair and gives your stylist a more accurate read of how your tresses are handling the chemicals.

An added bonus is that highlights created using foilyage tend to last longer. Likewise, gone are the days when you have to constantly rearrange your schedule for a touch-up. DevaCurl's pintura coloring technique is equally as effective. Instead of separating your hair with foil, this method requires your stylist to paint your curls one at a time. The accuracy is real. Thus, regardless of your texture or length, brownie batter hair will make you fall in love with your locks all over again.