How Life Has Changed For The Sister Wives After Breakups With Kody Brown

Life for the "Sister Wives" stars has changed in a major way after three of the four wives chose to go their separate ways from Kody Brown, leaving fans to wonder how the former wives are handling the aftermath.

Back in December 2022, sister wives Meri, Christine, and Janelle dropped major bombshells during the "Sister Wives: One on One" special. Meri confirmed that she and Kody had officially split, and Janelle confirmed that she and Kody were separated. This news came just over a year after Christine decided to divorce Kody, which was documented in Season 17. But life for the sister wives has seemingly improved after parting ways with the Brown Patriarch.

Fans of the franchise have described the former sister wives as looking younger in appearance and beaming with happiness while attributing it all to Kody's absence. "Aging in reverse!!!  ... So glad you moved on," one commenter wrote on one of Christine's Instagram posts. 

Here's a closer look at what "Sister Wives" stars Meri, Christine, and Janelle have been up to since their breakups with Kody.

Robyn is the last sister wife standing

Fans have questioned whether the "Sister Wives" era may be over, and monogamy may be the direction the relationship between Kody and Robyn Brown is heading. Although polygamy is what Robyn wants to pursue, she told Sukanya Krishnan in the one-on-one special that she's also "scared of it because of how badly this has gone."

As of this writing, Robyn and Kody are still living in their Flagstaff, Arizona home that they purchased back in 2019 for nearly $1 million. Of the four sister wives' homes, Robyn's house was the only home that was purchased instead of rented, which created a lot of controversy.

Christine and Kody's son, Paedon Brown, described Robyn and Kody's lifestyle in a tell-all interview with John Yates, saying, "Robyn is a stay-at-home, married mother with a husband who is a stay-at-home father and stay-at-home husband, and both of them film every other week."

Christine has been loving living closer to her children in Utah

In September 2022, Christine Brown announced her plans to move to Salt Lake City. In a TikTok video, Christine gave viewers a tour of the basement of her home, which she said is her favorite part. 

Although Christine confirmed she would not be leaving "Sister Wives," her life has certainly changed since she first starred on the show. Since moving to Utah, Christine has been spending a ton of quality time with her kids and, based on her Instagram feed, she's enjoying her newfound freedom.

"We went rock climbing in Utah," she shared in one Instagram post. "Just one of the many blessings I have from living so close to my kids." While on the "Reality Life with Kate Casey" podcast, Christine shared that Kody is "really missing out" by not spending more time with their children. "They're phenomenal people," she said. "They're amazing and delightful. And he just doesn't know them."

Christine Brown found love again

On January 29, 2023, Christine dropped a major bombshell on Instagram that she officially started dating again. "Dating online is crazy!" she wrote. "Any advice for dating at 50?!"

The star explained on the "Sister Wives: One on One" special that she was looking for "someone who treats women well." When asked who her ideal man was, well, that would be a fictional character from World of Warcraft. "Durotan is an orc, and that's really what I'm attracted to," she admitted. She went on to explain that it's not his appearance she's attracted to. "The first time you meet him, well, he's a warrior, but he's looking at his wife with so much love and so much, he would do anything for her. And I just want that kind of love." As far as real-life crushes go, she admitted she was fond of actor Shemar Moore which host Sukanya Krishnan also cosigned.

On Valentine's Day, Christine revealed that she had found her special someone — whom we can only assume rivals Durotan. "I finally found the love of my life, David," she shared in an Instagram post featuring a couple selfie. "The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took [its] first breath. He's wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this."

Christine got her own spinoff web series

At the onset of 2023, Christine Brown started offering live cooking lessons for subscribers, where she shares her very own recipes ranging from homemade pretzels to pasta and even desserts. Users who subscribe for $4.99 per month are given exclusive access to her live cooking videos and a weekly recipe.

But cooking on Instagram live isn't Christine's first time doing a cooking show. Christine has also starred in her very own spinoff cooking show for TLC called "Cooking with Just Christine," which airs on On the show, she cooks family recipes, usually featuring her kids as special guests. The final episode of Season 2 aired in October 2022 and a third season has not been confirmed, as of this writing; however, the show has been a hit with fans.

Christine has also revealed that she'd be up for spinoffs with the other sister wives. "As far as a spin-off, dude, I'm totally open, no idea what it looks like, but absolutely, that'd be just fun as heck," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Christine has her hands full with her twin grandbabies

Christine Brown often shares photos of her grandchildren and, based on her Instagram, she can't get enough of them. She's especially got her hands full after welcoming twin grandsons Archer and Ace, who were born in November 2022. "I find any excuse/time I can to see these two cute boys ow and my daughter of course LOL," she shared on Instagram.

Christine shared that her daughter Mykelti Padron and husband Antonio Padron have plenty of help now that she lives in Utah. "I know they're a bit overwhelmed because it's twins, it's a lot of work but I live close, Aspyn lives close," Christine told People. The parents also have a baby girl named Avalon Asa Padron, who was born in April 2021. 

Christine also has two other beautiful grandchildren, Axel and Evangalynn, through her daughter Maddie and husband Caleb Brush. The Brush family lives in North Carolina, as of this writing.

Janelle moved out of her RV

In July 2022, Janelle Brown decided to rent a nearly 2,600-square-foot home in Flagstaff, Arizona, after residing in an RV on the Coyote Pass property for five months, InTouch Weekly reported. The spacious home is equipped with five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Janelle revealed the decision was made because her daughter Savannah had a hard time adjusting to their living arrangements in the RV. "She was a trooper last year, but she said, 'Mom, this year, I just can't,'" she told fans in an Instagram live. "She's going into her senior year. So, we opted to just keep it — it's at the repair shop right now — but we'll use it on the weekends." 

However, Flagstaff may not be her forever home, a source alleged to OK! magazine. "It's about finding financial stability at this point — my guess is she will stay with Savannah until she can afford a new home," the source stated. "Janelle is even thinking of permanently moving near Christine." 

Meri is focusing on herself but some fans think she's dating

Since her split from Kody Brown, Meri's Instagram has seen a huge uptick in positivity. In her posts, Meri has put a ton of emphasis on self-love and has encouraged others to maintain a positive outlook on life. "I have so many things to be grateful for. So many good things in the works for the coming year. So much promise, hope, and light. And today. I'm so grateful for today," she shared in an Instagram post reflecting on her 52nd birthday in January 2023.

The following month, Meri shared a motivational video on Instagram to encourage her followers to persist in whatever they may be going through. "Just face that storm. Run through it. Face it head on," she said. In addition to sharing motivational posts, Meri has also maintained her weekly Instagram lives called "Fridays with Friends."

In one particular Instagram live in late December 2022, Meri shared that she'd had "company" overnight. She shared that she woke up and threw on some clothes so she could eat breakfast before her visitor left. Fans have speculated on Reddit that this may mean Meri is seeing a special someone. However, just before Valentine's Day, Meri shared an Instagram Story with the quote, "Relationship Status: committed to inner peace, growth, self love and gratitude."

Meri runs her own bed and breakfast and hosts retreats

Back in Season 12, fans may remember following Meri's dream of running a bed and breakfast, but the family felt hesitant about it. Despite the family's doubts, Meri pursued her dream and has been running a successful and award-winning bed and breakfast called Lizzie's Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah.

One of Lizzie's Heritage Inn's offerings includes occasional weekend retreats that have become quite controversial among fans due to steep prices. According to the inn's website, a February 16-19, 2023 retreat includes four days and three nights at the inn, three meals on each full day, activities, a goodie bag, and the opportunity to meet new people, including Meri. The retreat featured three tiered accommodations from which to choose. The least expensive package rang in at $4,000, the middle-tiered package was offered at $5,000, and the most expensive was $6,000 — all of which sold out.