Why TikTok Can't Get Enough Of The 'Nightstand Tour'

Scrolling through your for you page on TikTok may have you feeling lots of different emotions. You may be inspired to revamp your makeup routine, with a ton of influencers posting their #GRWM (get ready with me) routines and spending an average afternoon looking flawless. Others may suddenly find the motivation to start working out at the gym, with transformation videos filling their feed, while some may be encouraged to cook a gourmet meal — without the air fryer.

And while TikTok can sometimes have us feeling quite mediocre in our everyday lives, every once in a while, it actually makes us feel a bit better about ourselves just as we are. Enter the "nightstand tour" trend. This simple trend — which consists of videoing your nightstand — has become a symbol of normality among an app of highlight reels, and TikTok can't get enough. Whether you can relate to a chaotic bedside table or are appalled at the chaos that some people live in, here's why a spin around nightstand TikTok may just put a smile on your face.

Why the 'nightstand tour' is good for our mental health

If you've ever ended a TikToking session feeling less than others, you aren't alone. According to clinical mental health counselor Dr. David Barnhart, using TikTok, especially for younger people, can greatly distort the way we view ourselves, giving us a negative body image and overall self-doubt (via WAFF48). But there's been a new influx of videos that are working to do the opposite.

Before the "nightstand tour" became popular, it was the "non-aesthetic home" hashtag that gained a ton of traction. Instead of beautifully styled, impeccably clean homes, this trend showed the normal side of TikTok users — messy living rooms, wood-paneled kitchens, and all. From there, users became more and more comfortable sharing their true lives, even if it was just a corner of their bedroom. From clean nightstands that may inspire us to also put things away in a drawer to cluttered ones that make us feel better about our own mess, the "nightstand tour" trend is one we can all get behind.

Some of our favorite 'nightstand tours'

If you are looking for a slice of normalcy or hoping to get to the imperfect side of TikTok, taking a browse through "nightstand tour" TikTok may be just what you need. And it's not just the messiness of these nightstands that make us feel seen. People being open and honest has suddenly made TikTok relatable. One user posted an organized nightstand, but commenters loved that she didn't hide her birth control pills or edibles. Another got real with us, showing her chaotic bedside table, saying that "you can tell a lot about a woman from her nightstand."

This simple one, which consists of a water bottle, glasses, a wallet, a computer, and other essentials shows us that we are more alike than we think, as the user points out in her video. This one will speak to all book lovers who need their favorites next to them as they sleep while this one hits home to all those who need tons of water next to them that we never actually drink. Maybe next, TikTokers can give us a glimpse into their car console so we don't feel like the only ones with leftover french fries in there.