Do Facial Globes Actually Do Anything For Your Skin?

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Whether you typically wake up with a puffy face after a long night of rest or you get it from time to time after eating a lot of salt, almost everyone experiences bloated skin. This fluid retention is typically caused by your diet, sleep, makeup routine, or underlying health issues, and it usually goes away in no time. Yet, if it happens to stick around longer than you'd like, you may have grown accustomed to trying various tips and tricks to depuff your face.

For people who don't get it often, a splash of cold water or a chilled washcloth every now and then gets the job done. But, for those who constantly wake up with a slightly swollen face, you've probably researched everything from gua shas to skincare products to solve the problem. While a gua sha definitely helps with sculpting the skin and improving circulation, there are other tools designed specifically for reducing puffiness in the face, including facial globes.

What are facial globes?

Created to be placed in the refrigerator or freezer before being used on the face, facial globes decrease redness and inflammation of the skin. Just like gua shas, they're excellent for lymphatic drainage and even help to reduce sinus pressure.

The key is the temperature of the facial globes. While icing the face has a lot of benefits, ice melts away, shortening the time you have to work with it. With a cold metal or glass globe that doesn't shrink or expand in the freezer, there are no messes involved. Additionally, facial globes aren't as cold as ice itself, reducing the risk of an ice burn. Using a facial globe can instantly soothe tired eyes, depuff the face, calm irritation, and cool the skin whenever you get overheated. With consistent use, the tool has the ability to even out the complexion, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, and drain excess fluid.

For better product absorption or a facial massage, apply a sheet mask, facial oil, or moisturizer to your face, and roll the ice globes over your face, letting the product penetrate the skin.

The best facial globes for your needs

If you don't like the ice-cold temperature of regular cooling globes — or you want some for specialized needs — there are alternatives available. Designed to be placed in the refrigerator only, the Fourth Ray Beauty Cooling Facial Globes chill to 40 degrees, perfect for cooling down but not freezing sensitive skin. They come with sleeves to be placed over the handles in case you don't like the sensation of holding something cold.

For headaches and sinus issues, use the Allegra M. France Baby Magic Globes. Smaller than your typical facial globes, they were designed to fit under your eyes, on the temples, and in the nooks and crannies at the sides of your nose for a therapeutic massage. Made with Pyrex glass, they have an anti-freeze solution to prevent them from breaking in your freezer.

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Sculpt Roller is perfect for people who like to use high-tech products for their skincare. The contouring device is both an ice and heat roller that uses sonic technology to relax muscles in the face and body.