TikTok's 5 Crush Method Could Be The Revelation Your Dating Life Needs

Dating can be an absolute mess to navigate. From constantly dodging red flags to following unspoken texting rules, if you've been dating for a while, it usually gets pretty exhausting. For many people, rejection is one of the most difficult aspects, and scientifically, this makes sense. A study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered that the same areas in the brain that respond to physical pain are activated when we reflect on memories of rejection. So if you haven't found it easy to brush off dating denials, you're not alone.


And while it's common to struggle with this experience, you don't necessarily have to. TikTok user @madchalk posted a video explaining how you can avoid the pain of rejection by using her "5 crush method." Considering the TikTok video garnered 36.7K likes, thousands of users have found her suggestions helpful. If dating is more stressful and less fun for you, you might want to consider @madchalk's advice.

A breakdown of the 5 crush method

The creator Madeleine Chalk breaks down the "5 crush method" into three parts. In the first part, she spends a good deal of time hyping up the method. She swears that this theory has made a 180 degree difference in her and her friends' dating lives. Then, finally, she reveals the theory's number one rule: have five crushes at all times while dating.


Luckily for everyone's sanity and scheduling, she isn't recommending that you date five different people simultaneously, explaining in part 2 that a crush is not that deep. She gives a long list of examples of what a crush could look like. This includes but is not limited to "a barista you flirt w/, gym bae, [or] ... consistent hookup." It's anyone that you could potentially go on a date with. By having this handful of exciting options lined up, you lower the stakes and heartache of dating (per part 3).

Why the 5 crush method can improve your dating life

Dating can either be a dreaded, hurtful endeavor or a fun adventure. While some heartbreak and disappointments are inevitable, the difference often boils down to your mindset and self-esteem. This is what @madchalk is getting at. If you get too attached to one person and don't feel confident that plenty of other people are out there for you, it makes everything seem way more urgent.


The TikToker mentions that when we don't feel like we have other options, we'll be more inclined to ignore red flags and cling to the person we're with. But if you know all along that there are other interesting people out there for you to explore, you won't feel the need to tolerate what shouldn't be tolerated. On top of that, if the person breaks things off with you, you can immediately shift your focus to the new people you want to get to know. With the "5 crush method," you can detach more easily and simply view rejection as redirection.