How To Style Your Favorite Maxi Skirt All Year Round

Maxi skirts are a fashion staple for any season. Unlike pants, they're pretty breathable, and unlike shorter skirts, they keep your legs covered. When you are tired of trousers in the winter or bored of shorts in the summer, having a maxi skirt on hand can be a relief. It's an easy way to switch things up. And because maxi skirts don't offer anything too warm or too cold, they're an obvious choice for the transitional spring and fall months.

Not only can a maxi skirt fit any kind of weather, but it is also versatile in terms of aesthetics. From feminine to boyish, avant-garde to chic, the maxi skirt is adaptable enough to suit any mood. With the right layering and accessories, it's a garment that can transform to fulfill all of your outfit dreams. We've put together a list of distinct looks that prove this to be true.

Cozy girl casual

Long flowy skirts are often associated with dressier occasions, but Instagram user @sophiakelly is breaking this assumption. She pairs an off-white maxi skirt with a bright white thermal, creating a monochrome look. Adding chunky socks with Birkenstock clogs, she exudes "comfortable and casual." The final touch is a dainty gold necklace and a medium-sized black bag, resulting in a chic and minimalist outfit. It's cozy, laid back, and relaxed — the perfect vibe for a fall day in the countryside.

Lace maxi

Maxi skirts typically offer full coverage. But the ankle-length look can still suit the warm weather and even show some skin. Instagram user @kendalldair, has styled a black lace maxi skirt for the perfect summer or spring outfit. With black briefs layered underneath, she can walk confidently in the transparent material. Pairing this with an off-the-shoulder top and sleek pointy flats, @kendalldair threw together the perfect look for a nicer outing. Although she's in all black, the lacy texturing and bright orange purse are the perfect additions to make the look flirty and fun.

Sexy slit

A high-leg slit is one of the most subtle, sexy additions to an outfit. Lace detailing is also a top contender in this category. Instagram user @lateysha_grace put the two together, making for an absolutely killer look. In all black, she combines a satin, lace-lined maxi with a lace, corset-fitted tank top. She captions the post "his prettiest problem," and it's fitting. If it's warm enough to show some skin and you are looking for a revenge outfit, a slit maxi like hers will be precisely what you're looking for and more.

Tie-dye maxi

After rising to popularity in the '60s and '70s, tie-dye has become associated with a relaxed, beachy feel. With bright summery colors and a fitted maxi skirt, @katarinakrebs shows that you can bring out this light-hearted look any time of the year. Layering on a tan leather jacket, she incorporates contrasting vibes into one outfit. Keeping your legs warm and ready for a chilly day, a tie-dye maxi skirt can bring a flare of summer vacation into the cooler months.

Single pleat

For the frigid months, Germany-based influencer @rebecaoksana's account is full of inspiration. With this look, the skirt's length and pleating provide a sophisticated and elegant touch, while the tight shirt with cut-outs adds a modern edge to the overall outfit. The belted waist accentuates the silhouette, creating a flattering and stylish line. Overall, this outfit is a well-balanced combination of warm and trendy pieces, making it a perfect choice for winter. This eclectic style can be intimidating to try and copy. But, after digging around thrift stores and flea markets, you'll find a unique way to recreate the fit with a mix of vintage and modern finds.

Emma Chamberlain's summer uniform

YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is arguably responsible for popularizing the maxi skirt in everyday casual wear. After sharing her formula for the perfect summer outfit on her podcast Anything Goes, the skirt began trending all over social media. In the audio clip that went viral on TikTok, she explains that her go-to summer uniform consists of a long skirt, basic tee, scrunchy socks, and a pair of comfy loafers. In this Instagram post, Chamberlain shows a classic rendition of the reliably chic fit.

Opposites attract

There are few things cooler than an outfit that blends something super dainty with skater style. If you don't believe us, check out how Instagram user @gbrinkly has styled this maxi skirt. It's ultra-feminine with lightweight, floral patterned material and a simple ruffled hem. By combining this with Mary Janes, she gives the whole bottom half of her outfit a preppy vibe. Meanwhile, she juxtaposes this on her upper half with a low-key pullover. This lightly layered look is the perfect go-to for a breezy beachside day in the summer.

Day at the park

There is something outdoorsy and bright about a gingham pattern. Maybe it's because it's used for picnic blankets, or maybe it's because it's usually a lighter, woven fabric worn in the spring. Whatever the reason, it looks like it's made for a day at the park. Standing in a woodsy field with a long flowy, black-and-white gingham skirt, Instagram user @virghoe_xoxo proves this to be true. Wearing a sassy off-the-shoulder, feathered top and bright red accents, she offers the perfect inspo for a park date fit.

Matching sweater set

On a cold morning, getting out of your warm bed and cozy pajamas feels like pulling teeth. But, since most of us are no longer working from home, wearing slippers and sweats every day is no longer an option. Soft-knitted pants don't feel dressy enough for the office, but a soft-knitted maxi-skirt? It looks tasteful and classy while feeling just as snuggly as your loungewear. Take Instagram user @mv.tiangue, for example. Her outfit is warm enough to ease the blow of leaving the covers. And it's a matching set, making it a no-brainer when you're half-awake.

Knife pleated

The classic example of a knife-pleated skirt is the short schoolgirl kind. But have you ever considered a floor-length skirt with the same knife pleats? Instagram user @marieggch did, and she's styled it to look just as adorable as the shorter counterpart. She's combined the statement piece with a simple black belt and tank. To spice up the look, she's accessorized it with lace sleeves lined with black bows. For jewelry, she keeps it simple but unique, with a long shoelace tied in a bow around her neck.

Thickly threaded

The transitions between colder and warmer seasons can make it a challenge to get dressed. You need clothing that won't be too hot and won't be too cold. If it's brisk outside, wearing a skirt usually seems like a no-go. In cases like these, a maxi skirt can be the perfect solution. Instagram user @pretemoitaveste is an excellent example of how to nail this. She's combined this gorgeous, threaded maxi skirt with a light button-down and boots, making for the perfect fall or spring outfit.

Cottage core maxi

"Cottage-core" took the fashion scene by storm over quarantine. The term refers to an aesthetic that draws inspiration from rural settings, country gardens, and quaint English cottages. In fashion, this often includes natural materials like cotton or linen as well as delicate lace detailing. The trend continues to have a hold on us, with up to 12.5 billion views on the TikTok hashtag. Instagram user @pamklopo's cotton knit set with intricate detailing, and classic leather cowboy boots are the definition of prairie girl chic.

Denim maxi

Denim pants, denim shirts, denim jackets, and denim shorts; the list of denim items could go on and on. It's one of the few materials that belong in all clothing categories, so it's no surprise that it suits the maxi skirt. It's casual and durable, making it versatile and a great go-to when the weather gets more unpredictable in the fall. Instagram user @charlottechiasson styled this maxi denim skirt with a sleeveless flowery top to keep cool. Meanwhile, she wears leg warmers and a pair of uggs for an autumnal flare.